Video Blogs

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/17/2007 | Blogs

Youve heard of blogs, but what about vlogs? Vlogs, or video blogs, are the newest thing in the blogosphere, and they are rapidly gaining popularity for those that create the vlogs and those that watch the vlogs. Just as most people dont walk when they can ride, most people prefer to watch and hear things instead of reading about them.

Think about this a person who has worked all day long, reading papers and computer screens visits your site and sees that you have a vlog, but that you also have a blog. Which one do you think they will be most interested in? In most cases, they will be most interested in the vlog. They are tired of reading.

To create a vlog, you will still need blogging software, such as a blogger account or blogging software installed on your website, such as Word Press. But instead of typing your posts, you will create videos, upload the video, and then put the code for the video on your blog post. Once all of this is done, when a person visits your blog, they will be able to push a play button to start watching your video.

Vlogs are more work than blogs to update, since you have to go through the process of creating a new video for each post. But depending on what it is that you hope to accomplish, it could be well worth the extra effort and time. When your video is available via RSS, this is called podcasting or video podcasting.

You will need a way to record your videos. Videos may be recorded with a digital camcorder that will allow you to upload the video to your computer, or with a webcam. You may also need video editing software, if you want to edit or change the videos, or splice several videos together. You will also need a place to upload your video. There are numerous free file hosting sites, but you can also upload the video to your own server if you have one.

To get the video on your site, you will need to know the HTML coding to make that happen. Here is some sample code that you can use. Be sure to replace the capital letters with the URL to your video file.

<OBJECT ID="MediaPlayer" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="350" CLASSID="CLSID:22D6F312-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95"

STANDBY="Loading Windows Media Player components..." TYPE="application/x-oleobject">

<PARAM NAME="FileName" VALUE="">

<PARAM name="ShowControls" VALUE="true">

<param name="ShowStatusBar" value="true">

<PARAM name="ShowDisplay" VALUE="false">

<PARAM name="autostart" VALUE="false">

<EMBED TYPE="application/x-mplayer2" SRC="" NAME="MediaPlayer"

WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="350" ShowControls="1" ShowStatusBar="0" ShowDisplay="0" autostart="0"> </EMBED>


This works with wmv files, which are Windows Media Player files. You can also find code for flash video on the Internet as well. If you are uploading your video to a free file hosting website, they may also have instructions for putting your video on your website or vlog as well.

While this does take a little extra time, just remember that you arent making a full movie. You are simply vlogging, instead of blogging. The video can be anywhere from two to five minutes long, and be perfectly okay.