Expanding Brain Functioning Through Focus

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/17/2007 | Health

Being able to focus on one task at a time can be difficult for many people. Even if the task is not complex, the amount of time that people can concentrate on it is limited. This does not mean that those who cannot keep their focus do not learn new skills or have difficulty completing tasks. It does mean that it may take longer for them to complete. Since peoples lives are very busy these days, lack of focus can be a problem.

There are ways to increase the amount of time that a person can focus on one task which include meditation. Meditating to certain sounds and tones will increase Beta and gamma waves that are known to be the best waves for concentration and focus. By learning how to meditate effectively, people can learn how to focus and increase their ability to learn and comprehend information, ideas, and events that are going on around them.

Another way to increase focus is to take an herbal supplement that will trigger a relaxing feeling in the body that will change the brain waves. Herbal supplements are available online or in a health store. The most common herbs are Ginseng and St. Johns Wort.

Having an increased sense of focus will allow people to stay alert during presentations and meetings, while driving, when on the phone and when learning new tasks. Those who can control their focus will learn new skills quickly and easily. Those who have focus problems usually need to have information repeated to them a few times or will need to have additional demonstrations.

If a person does not want to use meditation or herbal supplements to enhance their sense of focus, they can increase their exercise, eat foods that are high in protein and engage in activities that will engage the Beta waves while awake. This means taking walks, reading often, talking with other people and learning new skills and hobbies. Many people claim that their focus is better when they are engaged in a new skill because they consciously tell their brain to concentrate.

There are many benefits to increased focus that extend far beyond being able to learn new skills. Being able to focus on one task at a time will reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and will give a person more confidence. These benefits will lead to a healthier lifestyle. By learning how to focus on one item at a time, people will also be able to appreciate what they are doing. While people will also have to multi-task, it is important not to lose the ability to learn one thing at a time. This will make learning new skills permanent rather than just another skill that will be forgotten when it is no longer used. People should consider using meditation because of the many benefits that will help a person relax and be able to let go of stressful situations that could be prohibiting one from learning a new skill.