Improve Clarity with Brainwave Technology

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/17/2007 | Health

We live in a rushed and frenetic world. Sometimes, it can seem hard to just get away and relax. Finding time for ourselves is always a struggle and it's easy to get guilted into always doing things for others (work, family, etc.) and not leaving any time for ourselves. When we are constantly on the run, however, we miss a very important part of our lives; the ability to sit back and look at ourselves and the situations around ourselves in (both the ones we find ourselves in and the ones we create) and get a better grip on who we are and where we're going and where we want to be and who we want to be when we get there. Some people call this clarity. It basically boils down to an ability to see things; things that are all too easy to overlook.

Clarity is hard to achieve. Even when you set aside time, it's easy for your brain to run away with you, bouncing from one thing to another until it seems like you'll never get anywhere. You may give up in disgust and go back to work or housework, where at least you feel you're doing something productive. Sadly, many people never get past this jumpy, random thought stage. If they did, they would find that the randomness of their thoughts eventually melds into something more concrete and understandable and they would find themselves seeing things, whether about themselves or about the people and situations around them, that they had never seen before, or perhaps that they had seen in a vague, offhand way, but had never formed concrete thoughts about. Given time, this approach of just sitting and mulling over things can have positive results. However, it's very hard for the modern woman, or the modern man, for that matter, to set aside enough time to actually get where they need to be, mentally, to achieve this clarity. This is where brainwave technology comes into the picture.

You see, by feeding tones to your brain (sounds at certain frequencies), you can actually 'jump start' the clarity process. When you sit and think for a couple of hours at a time, or longer, what you're really doing is giving your brainwaves time to fall into the right patterns for this kind of clarity and perspicuity that you need. Brainwave technology skips that part by gently 'massaging' your brain into these patterns. In essence, it creates the same sort of patterns that several hours of thinking will eventually fall into. But it does it much faster.

This does not, of course, mean that you can simply use brainwave technology, stare at a wall for a few minutes and come away with a new perspective on your life. It takes thought, pondering things, thinking things over. In short, it takes time. But brainwave technology, especially programs keyed towards creativity or meditation (look for a blend of mainly Theta, some Beta and some Alpha waves in your brainwave program or look for a program that advertises 'clarity', 'perspicuity', 'perception' or 'creativity') can get your brain into a place where you "can" think, without as much distraction or as much time spent leading up to it.