Top Brainwave Technology Tapes

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/17/2007 | Health

Using the top brainwave technology tapes to listen to audio is one of the most exciting ways to train our brain. These technology tapes can be used to induce creativity within the individual leading to a higher level of performance. Research into the use of brainwave audio have reveal that people using this method to train their brain, are more likely to develop a more intelligent thought process.

In the process of brainwave entrainment, it is possible to literally listen to music on a tape, and feel your brain sharpening its skills, and feel more calm overall. Entraining your brain is done by listening to any of the top brain technology tapes, and stimulating a particular brainwave pattern to occur.

How To Use Brainwave Entrainment Tapes?

Usually brainwave entrainment should occur on a daily basis to produce a Theta wave pattern. Waves are produced in the brain when the body is entering a state of meditation. These waves usually signal a much deeper level of consciousness, in which the person is very relaxed. The brainwave technology tapes will have audio with a beat of approximately ten megahertz. Using this sound produced, the body is able to produce a stated in which it is taken to a deeper level.

The science behind a brainwave technology tape is its ability to train your brain to produce a certain wave pattern using the music on the tape. This information is particularly useful because an EEG can measure the brainwave pattern, and then reveals the state of the person's mind. By entraining your brain with audio, it is easier to stimulate someone to relax, if they are usually agitated, just by using these tapes.

What Brainwave Technology Tapes Are Available?

The brainwave audiotapes available can be purchased in accordance to the type of brainwave pattern the person is trying to produce. But more specifically the level of brain activity they want to achieve. Based on this, the types of brainwave tapes are divided into Theta brainwave tapes, Alpha brainwave tapes, and Delta tapes.

Consider purchasing a Theta brainwave tape when there is a need to send the brain into a deep level of meditation. The frequencies of these tapes produce a highly relaxed state, as shown by the Theta waves produced on EEG. It has been said that Theta brainwave tapes can be compared to the same feeling produced with a general anesthetic.

An Alpha brainwave tape can be used to produce a lighter state of meditation than a Theta brainwave tape. They are also particularly useful for anyone wanting to enter a state of dreams and visions.

Since Delta waves are produced when the brain is asleep, they can be used to stimulate the feeling of being within a deep state of sleep. This particularly useful for someone who feels tired and needs to relax.

There are barely any Beta brainwave tapes available because the brain spends most of its time producing this wave pattern, as long as the person is awake. Unlike the other tapes that cause relaxation or meditation, a Beta brainwave tape might be used to sharpen concentration during daily activities.