What is Brainwave Therapy?

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/17/2007 | Health

In every living person the brain generates some sort of electricity which results in what is called brainwaves. Brainwaves are commonly categorized into four. Beta Waves, Alpha  Waves, Theta Waves and Delta Waves. Beta waves being the ones of highest frequency and Delta waves the lowest.

Finding a way to control our brainwaves can help us enjoy wonderful health. Hence the purpose of Brainwave therapy. Brainwave therapy is about using the control of brainwaves to deal with health issues. It has been discovered that Beta waves are predominant in our waking and thinking state, Alpha in a more focused and creative state, Theta in times of deep meditation and Delta waves in times of deep sleep and unconsciousness.

Brainwave therapy uses the knowledge of brainwaves to help people deal with health issues, overcome their fears, deal with their weight problems , induce relaxation and much more.

The invention of the EEG is the foundation of brainwave therapy. EEG is electroencephalograph  which is what is used in measuring brainwaves. Biofeedback researchers have discovered a lot about our brain activity through this wonderful invention.

Brainwave therapy helps you to achieve a brainwave state that is necessary to achieve the kind of health you desire. Brain wave therapy also helps you to relax and enter into a level of meditation you never thought possible. Using cutting edge brainwave technologies, brainwave therapy helps you to achieve a natural restoration of health. These days its as simple as listening to CDs. Specially prepared Cds that releases sound of specific range of frequencies are given to you to help you achieve what you desire, meditation, relaxation, stress reduction whatever.

Brain Therapy also makes use of Brain entrainment to help you  solve your health problems. Brain entrainment  is about "entraining" your brainwaves, in order to put you in a meditative state.

Due to the fact that the frequencies of brainwaves vary depending on mental state, brain wave therapy is used to help position your mental state in the necessary state by controlling your brainwaves. Brain entrainment uses music to help you entrain your brainwaves to be in the necessary frequency for you to be at your best.

Research has proven that certain music at certain frequencies helps to generate brainwaves necessary to function better. In brain therapy, specially prepared Cds are used to help you generate brainwaves that will help you relax and focus better.

Its really a marvel how brain therapy helps you to control your brainwaves so as to achieve better brain function. Brainwave therapy has even been known to help deal with blood pressure issues.

You dont have to wait until you have a nervous breakdown before going for brainwave therapy. And if you dont want to go see someone. You can learn what it takes to do it yourself. The internet is filled with so many resources on how you can use control your brainwaves for your benefit. Make use of these resources.

Create a lifestyle that makes use of both technological advances and your natural resources to achieve better results and greater level of well being, use brainwave therapy, you wont regret it.