What is the Immrama Institute?

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/17/2007 | Health

The Immrama Institute is a company that specializes in audio and other products that are used for meditative purposes. When mediating, brainwaves can be altered by listening to certain frequencies. These frequencies are masked by the calming sound of a rainstorm or the ocean, or thunder. A persons brainwaves will alter their pattern to fit the rhythm of the frequencies. This therapy is used for a wide variety of illnesses including attention deficit, chronic fatigue syndrome, and manic depression.

The Immrama Institute tests its mediation tapes before allowing people to buy them in order to obtain the quality of past products. Those who are interested in buying products from the institute can buy them online. The institute also conducts tests and research about brainwaves and how they can be used to improve memory, concentration, and focus. Many people complain about not being able to focus at work or when learning new tasks. Meditation can help energize a person by altering the brainwaves and helping them to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Those who order products from the Immrama Institute can choose from many different types of meditation tapes. When they visit the web site, they will be able to learn about different frequencies and how they work. Much of the research conducted at the institute centers on being able to plug into ones subconscious and be able to be awake when dreaming. Studies have shown that people who are conscious when they are dreaming are able to recall other memories easily and also have the ability to concentrate more when awake.

Learning a new task requires concentration levels that many people complain they dont have. This can be for many reasons. When a persons mind is clear, new information can be processed easily. Through meditation, people can begin to clear their minds by relaxing their bodies and not focusing on the stress that may be occupying their thoughts. Stress can be another reason why ones concentration level is down. Stress can disrupt a persons ability to concentrate when learning a new skill. This means that the skill will have to be learned again.

The Immrama Institute provides the tools necessary to reduce stress and regain a persons ability to concentrate. By altering brainwaves, one will feel more relaxed. This is will occur when a person is awake and when they are asleep. By being able to see dreams more clearly, one will also feel more relaxed and able to work through problems that are affecting their lives.

Many people have been seen results from using the meditation tapes. By listening to the tapes for an hour each day, people have reduced stress levels, changed their brainwaves, and have also improved their focus and concentration. The tapes can be used for many years and will continue to be beneficial. This is how the Immrama Institute feels a person will improve their ability to focus on one task at a time. While new tapes are always available, it is fine to use old tapes until new ones are needed.