Conducting a Clan-Based Genealogical Study

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/17/2007 | Genealogy

When it comes to a genealogical study, you are trying to figure out where you came from and how it got to be the you that you are! In many of these situations, it is a good idea to search in a variety of different ways, so that you are able to discover as much information as possible when it comes to genealogy.

One of these ways is to conduct a clan based genealogical study. This is when you are looking at your ancestors as parts of the clan that they come from the family that they came from. It helps if you know the family names or names, as far back as possible. Then, you can gather as much information about this family as you can, using all kinds of resources, census records, newspapers, and other records. If you can find out the name of the family that you come from, you can begin a clan based study.

First of all, try to track the name back as far as you can. There should be several references to your family name, and you might have to do some digging if the spelling of your name was changed in the past. If this is the case, it might be a bit confusing, but you should be able to make a determination about this looking at old records and other types of books that will tell you what your name used to be.

Try to see if you can discover where this clan of yours came from. You should be able to narrow down an area in the old country no matter what country this was, that your family came from. From here, you can perhaps access these old and local records, such as census data or newspapers. You should be able to get lots of information about your family from these records. Many times, it is much easier to search for a whole family instead of just once person.

When you are tracing your individual genealogy, it might seem frivolous to be searching for the entire family you came from. However, a clan based study might come in handy if you run into a wall and can go no further back in your individual ancestry. If you cannot locate a certain relative, you might want to expand your search to include the clan, because if you can look at the other members of the family you came from, you will be able to find out bits of information. If you cant find the father of your grandfather, for instance, but you can find information about his brother, somewhere in the brothers information, it might mention the person that you are looking for. In these ways, clan based studies can be very helpful to you.

No matter what, a clan based study is going to give you lots of good information about your family and where you came from. By studying the ancestors and their clan, you can determine a lot about the time in which your ancestors lived.