Conducting One-Place Genealogical Studies

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/17/2007 | Genealogy

There always needs to be a clear and focused course of action undertaken when the end result is achieving the results a person desires. Now, often times, people will assume that focused means narrow. That is a false assumption as many focused actions can also be performed within a very broad environment so as to achieve all inclusiveness that does not miss any possible outcomes or results. This is the case with anything, but when it comes to the issue of genealogical studies, the importance of such inclusiveness requires significant focus within a broad category.

For example, when trying to research ones genealogical tree, it would be well advised to perform a one place genealogical study. That is, one would perform a genealogical study of a certain geographic area so as to unearth common threads between various members of a certain area so as to see if any relationships exist. For example, if a persons great grandfather was born in Hollywood, CA, then an expansive one place study could be performed so as to see if there is a connection between the great grandfather and any famous movie stars of a prior generation. Granted, most one place studies will yield mostly mundane results, but the concept of seeing how the geographic location ties in with ones family history. The ultimate result could yield some surprising facts or even just facts that have been omitted in the past.

In order to perform a proper one place study, the person performing the research needs to center his search on specific items that would yield information. For example, the local marriage records of a certain province would be thoroughly researched to the point that the study of the area would look for all sorts of connections and threads between people so as to locate or establish connections between people of a certain area. Such research could be exhausting, but it is absolutely necessary so that no important information is skipped or ignored. Not skipping crucial information is the ultimate epicenter of such a search.

Of course, not all records are complete so the need to double check all the various local records will be important. That is, local marriage certificates must be cross referenced with death certificates, etc. The reason for this is so that no valuable information goes unchecked. By maintaining thorough searches, finding the answer one is looking for might be much more easily attained.

If there ever was a solid reason that a person would need to be motivated to perform such a series of location studies it would be to achieve a sense of closure about ones family origins. That is, the information that a person receives will provide them with all the information that may have previously wondered about their family tree. By filling in the blanks of a family tree, a person will be able to free himself or herself of nagging questions as to a family tree and rebuild a complete picture of information that can be provided to all future generations as well.