Using Census Records to Determine Your Genealogy

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/19/2007 | Genealogy

There are many ways that you can determine your genealogy and work with your family history. Census records are some of the most important. These records are important because they give you lots of information. The information that you get from census records isnt going to be very detailed, but it will give you lots of good leads and lots of places to go.

First of all, when you find the census records, you should begin your search from you and work towards the past. You dont want to start far back, because you first need to make sure you are tracing the line correctly from yourself. So start with you, and work backward.

After you have plotted this course, you can begin to use census records to discover things you never knew about your ancestors. Census records will have birth, death, and marriage records, as well as records of the numbers of children born to a certain family. This is going to help you greatly, because most of the time you will also be able to find names and dates along with these records.

It is also important to keep track of where your information is coming from. When you are dealing with census records, be sure to write down where you find each piece of your information. This is very important because it allows you to clear up an conflicting information later on. You are going to run into places where it seems that your information doesnt make sense, so be sure to keep track of your sources. This will help you determine which to believe if you get more than one answer for a particular question.

Remember that you are looking towards the past, so census records are going to become very important. Start with the records of your parents and their parents, and then go from there. You can usually trace your family back through the years, and this becomes quite an obsession, because there is much information to be found when it comes to census records. Be sure that you are keeping track of the things you have learned. When you find out how many children a certain member of your family has had, you will then need to do a census search for each of those children, because you will be able to find out much more information about your relatives this way. Once you have found out whose parents belong to who, you can do a search on each of those people .

Census records should be able to give you a good place in which to start. You might only get names and dates, and no details, but if you have names and dates, it makes it much easier to search out more records, records that will give you more information, such as newspaper or other records. Having the census information is a great place to start. At the very least, you will always have the information you have found in the census records.