How To Choose A Ski Resort

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/19/2007 | Sports

There are numerous ski resorts to choose from worldwide, and determining which ski resort you want to visit for your ski vacation can be difficult. You may have narrowed down your choices considerably just by choosing a general location, or even a specific town, such as Aspen, Colorado, but even then, you may still have numerous choices.

The first thing to consider when choosing a resort is who is going on the trip, and what their ski levels are. For instance, if this is a family trip that will include children who have no experience, the presence of a bunny slope, as well as the availability of beginner instruction may be required. On the other hand, if only advanced skiers are going, challenging trails may be preferred. But if there is a mixture of levels, the resort you choose will need to be suitable for those varying skill levels.

If the slopes at the resort dont offer enough of a challenge for each of the level of skiers going on the trip, you can be sure that some skiers wont enjoy the trip as much as others.

While the main purpose of the trip is skiing, you wont be skiing the entire time you are there. Therefore, it is important to see what other activities are available as well. Activities such as snowmobiling, concerts, snowboarding, video games for kids, a fitness room, and an indoor pool may also be preferred.

Not all resorts actually have lodging, or they have limited lodging which may require you to find other accommodations nearby. You will need to find out if there are shuttles to the slopes, and how often those shuttles run. If you will be renting your ski equipment, you will also need to know if rentals are available at the resort.

Dining, of course, will be important. Know in advance what dining choices are offered at the resort, as well as at nearby restaurants, or even other nearby resorts. Take special dining needs into consideration as well.

Unless you have an unlimited supply of funds, pricing will matter. Often, you can find deals for resorts that will save you a great deal of money. For instance, many resorts include the cost of your lift tickets, lodging, and some meals all in one price and some may even include the cost of rentals. Deals are often available that will also include airfare.

The powder will also matter to you. Will the snow be man-made or natural? Unfortunately, the resort will have little control over the weather, but you must ensure that there will be snow to ski on when you plan to be there whether it is natural or man-made.

The important thing, again, is to ensure that the resort has something to offer everyone in your party, and that there are activities that you can enjoy together as a group as well, even if you will be enjoying many activities separately. The objective is to return home with fond memories of your ski trip that will last you a lifetime.