Alternative ethanol fuel

By Charles Hopkins Published 03/13/2006 | Environment

Fossil fuels found within the earth are found in various areas all over the world. The gas, oils and the coal that are being used from the inner areas of the earth have taken millions of years to create, and we are using them at a rate that is much to fast for the earth to replace them. Because we are using more of the earth resources than what is being replaced by the earth, we are going to run out of coal, oil and gas, sometime in the near future. Our demand for oil, gas and coal continues to rise as cities grow, as the winters are cold, and as we travel further and further every day where we want and when we want.

One form of research that has produced a great alternative fuel, without relying on oil and gas, is the use of ethanol. Ethanol is an alternative fuel that is alcohol based. Ethanol is made by the fermenting of starchy crops. Farmers are quickly finding this market is one that they can fill, and one that will sustain their way of life longer into the future. The fermenting and the distilling of crops that are starchy to create a sugar base is what the process is based upon. The starchy crops that yield the best ethanol results currently are the corn, barley and wheat that can be grown right in our own country. This takes away our reliance on other countries for what we need most, concerning manufacturing and alternative fuels for vehicles.

Alternative fuel ethanol is going to be a replacement fuel for many types of vehicles from the farm, to the tractor-trailers heading down the road, to even planes. There is only a few minor adjustments that need to be made to the engine to support the different type of fuel used in this manner. Right now, ethanol is constantly used to increase the octane in vehicles, as it is added to the gasoline we are already using everyday in our cars and trucks. Ethanol is used as an additive to increase the octane in the vehicle, which in turn is going to reduce the amount of emissions that are released to the atmosphere. In cutting emissions in the fuels we use, we are lowering the pollution over the nation and around the world.

There are areas of the world where ethanol is not being added to a high degree in the gasoline or the diesel that is being put in to your gas tank. Where ethanol is being added less than 10% of the time, it is not considered to be an alternative fuel or a blend of gasoline that is going to prolong the use of gasoline and oils. Ethanol that is added in higher concentration is going to result in a better overall savings of gas, oil and money. Many areas of the world have adapted to using ethanol in a much higher percentage, and sometimes even in a straight percentage of just ethanol to run the machinery. The process is easy and the outcome is one that will produce a high quality fuel that does not cost much in the end either.