By Rocky vj Published 02/19/2007 | Music
The RME ADI 642 is an 8-channer best format converter from MADI to AES and from AES to MADI. It is the hottest addition to RMEs successful MADI series. Between other applications, the unit has the capacity to serve as perfect AES/EBU frontend for the Hammerfall DSP MADI PCI card. Up to 192 kHz at 24 bit are supported. The most outstanding feature is that it is easy-to-use 72x72 routing matrix that could be assigned to an individual input channel to every single output channel, it allows free configuration of all 64 MADI channels and the 8 AED channels.  <br><br>RME ADI 642 Additional features comprise of: <br><br>    Native support for AES Double and as well for Quad Wire.
    Native support for MADI Double and as well for Quad Wire.
    Direct conversion among these formats.
    Automatic Delay Compensation when used more than one unit.
    Analog stereo monitor output comes up to 192 kHz.
    Detailed status shown for MADI and AES.
    Completely remote controllable using MIDI.
    Transfer of MIDI data using MADI.
    SteadyClock for greatest jitter reduction and clock regeneration. <br><br>Features<br><br>  It has a fully automatic input selection among optical and coaxial input provides a useful redundancy mode for vital applications. The extensive status displays the information about Lock and Sync states, audio content, and as well the physical quality of the incoming signal.<br><br>Further RME ADI 642 is also compatible to all types of raising the sample rate. It supplies word clock in Single, Double und Quad Speed, supplies Double Wire 96kHz signals in to the MADI data stream and to the AES ports, and best in sustaining the double MADI sample rate (96k frame). The same goes to 192 kHz (Quad Wire, 192 kHz frame). The SyncAlign(r) and SyncCheck(r) technologies known from other RME products makes sure it is perfect synchronization and clear detection of errors. Also multiple units could be heaped and functioning sample-aligned, using word clock. All the settings were stored when the unit was switched off.<br><br>Additionally REM ADI 642 features a user-friendly 72x72 Matrix Router. An input signal could be assigned to all available output channels, both for AES and MADI. This just not allow free signal routing in format conversion, but as well forwarding and routing of signals within the same existing format. An input signal could be further it be distributed to any number of outputs. With more than one ADI-642, many MADI signals could be shared to one MADI stream.<br><br>16 MIDI channels could be transferred across wide MADI (even with 64 audio channels). The device could also be fully remote controlled and best configured using MIDI, and all status shows could be queried through MIDI. Each RMI ADI 642 could be given a different ID, allowing different remote controllability of various devices with only one MIDI channel.<br>