Flowers Language

By Ovi Dogar Published 02/19/2007 | Relationships
Flowers have a language of their own, a bright particular language, that is fun to explore.

Almost all women like flowers. They like to receive many flowers even if is her birthday or an anniversary or for no reason at all. The woman  consider that it doesn't really have to be a special day to bring her flowers, it should  happen in any simple day in order to show your feelings for her.

If you didn't bring her flowers for a long time, she might think that you have no feelings any more for her.

If you have already a girlfriend and you care about her you should show your feelings. If you decided to do this by bringing her flowers, you have a large variety to choose from. Every kind of flower has a particular language, all of them express something. So, according to your feelings for her and what you want to show her, choose the flower which it represents you.

For example, ROSES are most use because have a lot of senses. Every color means something else:
red - imply passionate, romantic love
white - express innocence, purity, secrecy, virtue and chastity
yellow - friendship or devotion, a dying love, platonic love, and also means jealousy and infidelity
blue - mystery, attaining the impossible
orange - desire, passion
burgundy - beauty
pink - a lesser affection, grace
light pink - admiration, sympathy
dark pink - gratitude
red and yellow - joy, happiness, excitement
red and white - unity

Another beautiful and used flower is LILY:
imperial one -express  majesty
day lily - means coquetry
white -  youthful innocence, purity
yellow -  gaiety, falsehood
water lily - purity of heart

If you want to show her your thoughts, bring her CAMELLIA:
pink - I'm longing for you
red - you're in flame in my heart
white - you're adorable

In addition, TULIPS may help you in expressing your thoughts and feelings:
red -  declaration of love, show trust
variegated - compliments, beautiful eyes
yellow - there's sunshine in your smile

IRIS is named after the Messenger of the Gods in Greek mythology
represents a message being sent, faith, hope, wisdom and valor, compliments

ORCHID are very beautiful and refinement flowers:
means - love, beauty,  compliments like beautiful lady

If you are at the beginning of your relationship, you may give her LILAC:
purple one - express the fist emotion of love
white - youthful innocence, purity

Use JASMINES to express amiability:
yellow - grace and elegance
Spanish - sensuality

LOTUS means eloquence:
lotus flower - estranged love

For showing modesty buy VIOLET:
blue - faithfulness, watchfulness

SUNFLOWERS - mean either haughtiness or respect

MAGNOLIA - express love of the nature, nobility
swamp magnolia -  perseverance

NARCISSUS - compliments as if you are so sweet, and egotism

AMBROSIA - tells her that her love is reciprocated

DAISY - imply purity, innocence, loyal love

IVY - use this for expressing your fidelity

PANSY - means thoughts

Therefore, using flowers is an easy way to express your feelings and it is at your choice which flowers represent you better and your thoughts.

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