By Zaithyn Galter Published 02/27/2007 | Computer

In the past, while making presentations or explaining new products, people had to rely on charts, graphs and drawings. While charts, graphs and handmade drawings are useful in their own ways and can be prepared according to specific requirements of a project, there are a number of limitations involved in this process. For one thing the amount of time consumed in preparing these charts and drawings on paper in significantly high. As most of these charts on paper have limited re-usability, editing the contents for re-use is not a convenient option.

As a solution to many of these problems, in later period, the use of projectors for viewing slide shows became more popular. One of the chief advantages of these projectors is that as the size of the projected image can be controlled by means of the zoom option available, no matter how large the number of viewers is, everyone from the front row to he back seats can see the projected matter clearly. However, for conducting these projector-shows as the machines themselves have to be carried from place to place, the problem of facing difficulty in transportation of data still remains.

With the advent of the Microsoft Office PowerPoint feature, many of these problems got solved and presentations acquired entirely new definitions and new identities. Developed primarily for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS Microsoft PowerPoint is essentially a user-friendly presentation program that comes in handy for people dealing with presentations in a wide variety of fields. The MS Office PowerPoint is one of the most popular applications used today. From senior executives and software professionals to commercial businessmen and marketing agents, people from a wide variety of fields use PowerPoint presentations for demonstrating their campaigns, talk about their products and stating business ventures. In academic domains also, from presenting research papers to giving lectures, PowerPoint presentations are used in a large number of applications.

One of the main advantages PowerPoint presentations have over its predecessors is that as projects are prepared in the form of slide shows, anytime you need to insert some new material into your presentation, you can easily do so by incorporating new components into existing presentations without having to re-structure the entire presentations. PowerPoint presentations give you the scope to incorporate text, images, charts and graphs as required by your work. As a result of this all-comprehensive aspect of PowerPoint presentations demonstrating new products to important clients and explaining new developments to the audience become significantly easier for demonstrators.

Corporate houses and information technology sectors are some of the major domains where PowerPoint is largely used for making various presentations. However, as the amount of data in many of these presentations is extremely large, PowerPoint features including the same often takes up large amount of memory space. Transfer of this data to other sites also takes up a lot of time in uploading and sending. In order to remedy these problems and enable the transfer of maximum data in minimum time, today, different types of PowerPoint compressors are available. Using these compressors you can focus exclusively on the specific focus and commercial objectives of your company and present the same in much more concise and compact forms.

Using PowerPoint compressors you can compress large PowerPoint presentations including graphics and embedded objects into compact forms that are easy to use, effective and can be quickly transferred from one location to another. As these PowerPoint compressors quickly transforms large amount of data into compressed versions, you can include whatever you want to in your PowerPoint presentation and need not worry about curtailing any aspect just to make it fit in.

Using PowerPoint compressors you can convert your PowerPoint presentations in their exact form, content and overall getup. You can rest assured the quality of these compressed versions will remain as good as their original counterparts. As the formats of these articles remain in their same PowerPoint version, you can also edit them any time you want. Whereas, compressing larger files will help in the overall saving of your computers memory space, you will find that for the smaller files, saving, storing and receiving files is even easier and more convenient. As far as storage, email and backup of large PowerPoint files are concerned, you will save significantly in your expenses as you can perform storage and transfer of large amounts of data at lesser rates.

While sending data to mobile devices also you get to save on your expenses as mobile data costs are significantly reduced on reduction of the PowerPoint file size. By using PowerPoint compressors as you can compress large amounts of data into small compact forms, you can incorporate whatever details you need to in your presentation without worrying about the total size of the project. This feature comes especially useful for those in the medical field as they can incorporate large amounts of data conveniently into compact PowerPoint presentations and send the same over the Internet to their fellow medical research scholars in different parts of the world. Compressed PowerPoint presentations come in specially useful for worldwide medical research as by means of these presentations doctors can conveniently compress their new found data into compact PowerPoint presentations and send them to other medical research centers located at different parts of the world. The same logic stands for scientists working in international projects.

The moment a new discovery is made or a new theory is formulated, the new research material can be conveniently prepared as a PowerPoint presentation which is then transmitted in its compressed form to research centers and laboratories located in different parts of the world. Not only do you get to save time and labor, but by being able to transmit detailed PowerPoint presentations to centers all over the world, you also get to save on your financial expenses up to significant extents. As the use of PowerPoint compressors are becoming more and more popular all over the world, scientific, medical, educational and industrial research centers in a large number of countries are adapting the use of the same for spreading knowledge and awareness. As PowerPoint presentations are easily comprehensible by everyone, spreading knowledge by use of the same is one of the best ways of spreading awareness on any subject.

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