MMORPGs A World of Possibilities

By Gearad Kierka Published 03/1/2007 | Games

            World of Warcraft, Everquest and Runescape, some or all of these names will probably be familiar to you. These games are called Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMORPGs for short. Over the years a lot of criticism has been directed to these games, accusing them of being detrimental to children and teenagers. But what drives people to play these games; it certainly isnt only children who play these games. PhD Nick Yee performed studies on many different groups of gamers and found that 27.3% of men playing MMORPGs are over 35 years of age.

            So what is it that draws so many different people into these games? The answer is different from person to person, but at the heart of every player there are usually a few similarities. In these games of fantasy and magic the player can escape from themselves; they can freely live in a world where anything is possible. In these games, given the time, patients and a monthly fee anyone can feel like a great hero. Fight monsters and combat other players in a quest for honor and glory. These are things that wouldnt be possible in real life, at least not without entailing legal action.

            The world that these games allow people to enter is a magical one of possibilities. There are days in everyones life when they wish for something better, for excitement, for fun, simply for something different than the every day grind. That is what these MMORPGs offer to people, a whole universe of possibilities. There are few times that allow someone to connect in seconds with someone possibly thousands of miles away and play together, on common ground, for a common goal. Parents often complain that their children are closed off from society but they ignore the online society of thousands that their children deal with every time they sign on.

These games open up a whole new world to children and adults alike. It provides a chance for them to escape the humdrum of everyday, even if its for just a few hours a week. Before bashing these games people should first consider that they themselves have probably longed for that escape from the ordinary at one time or another; and just maybe if they tried they could find out first hand that these MMORPGs arent so bad.