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By Robert Diener Published 03/6/2007 | Advertising

At the start of a new business venture or launch of a new service, one of the foremost things your company will need, is attracting the right kind of customers. In the present-day corporate world, proper marketing of products and services offered by your firm is among the foremost forces determining your fortune. Effective advertising of your products and services plays a crucial role in catching the attention of potential buyers and clients. For this reason, companies all over the world, today resort to various innovative and imaginative strategies to attract potential customers. Giving away different types of promotional items to visitors and prospective buyers is one of the most common ways of promoting business enterprises.

Promotional items are essentially different types of products with the logo of the particular company imprinted on them. When these promotion products are gifted to individuals or organizations, they serve advertising purposes of the gifting company by making people aware of the company and bringing it to the focus of attention. At, we provide you customized service so that you can gift your present and prospective clients different types of promotional gift items and thereby, spread the word about your business organization. From promotional pens, business gifts, calendars and business cards to imprinted pens, pocket planners, magnets and stress balls, you can select from a wide range of promotional items at Depending on your budget, the message you want to convey and the clientele you want to reach across, you can select from our large collection of promotional items.

Pens, imprinted with your company logo, motto or customized message, are some of the best promotional products you can select for presenting to your clients and prospective customers. At we have a large collection of executive and designer pens, covering a wide range of price scales. Pegasus, executive brass promotional pens, Alligator brass pens, Marble ballpoint pens, Montego brass pens, Satin Chrome ballpoint pens and strip grip metal pens are only some of the options you can choose from. Designed in elegance and made in latest designs, these pens are some of the best promotional items you can imprint your company logo on and use as promotional items.

At we have a large collection of business gifts for gifting your diverse clientele. With your company logo printed on them, you can rest assured every time your prospective clients use these gifts they will be reminded of your firm. Compact zoom binoculars, different makes of army knives, multi-functional tools, dart sets, flashlights and executive padfolios with space for storing your important papers, business cards and pens, are some of the main business gift items you can make your pick from. offers you a large collection of calculators made in the latest technological designs. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, these calculators are promotional items your clients will find useful from the moment you gift these to them. With your business logo imprinted on the body of these gadgets, the recipients will be reminded of your company every time they use these promotional products. Transparent calculators, multi-functional tape measuring devices, palm calculators, Cariabiner calculators and tri-flip world time clock calculators are some of the main makes of calculators that are available at

Calendars and planners are some of the best gifts you can give your current and potential business clients. Available in a variety of designs, colors and dimensions, there are hundreds of wall calendars, real estate calendars, desk calendars, business calendars and pocket planner calendars that you can choose from at Along with our own large collections, we also provide you custom calendars suiting your specific requirements. With high quality images, memorable quotes and attractive finishes, calendars and planers available at are undoubtedly quality promotional products you can gift your clients and business associates.

Promotional desk gifts, available at are also highly useful promotional items you can gift your clients. Complete with desktop organizers, items made from break-resistant acrylics and plastics and of quality feel, desk gifts available with us will serve as memorable promotional items. All you need to do is select the desk gift items you want to present your prospective or current clients and we will imprint them with your business logo and customize them according to your specific requirements. Every time an individual uses these imprinted desktop gift items, they will think of your business organization. This in turn, will result in advertising and promotion of your firm.

Mugs of various designs, shapes and sizes are some of the best gift items you can give your loved ones. At the same time, mugs also serve as some of the most convenient promotional items. At you can choose from a wide range of mugs of various shapes, colors and structures. We imprint your business logo, image or slogan on the mugs of your choice and customize them according to your needs, for gifting your specific clientele. Gripping handle mugs, insulated auto mugs, low rider mugs, El Grande mugs, Challenger mugs, economy stoneware mugs, stainless steel mugs, wavy tumblers, translucent insulated travel mugs and Infinity tumblers are some of the main products you can opt for at offers you a large collection of promotional items including address books, badge holders, bike bottles, business card coasters, auto accessories, bag clips, binoculars, bottle openers, business card holders, beach items, bottle coolers, business card magnets, cd cases and cell phone holders. Compass, combs, golf items, highlighters and markers, letter openers, key chains, magnifiers, note books, office essentials, note clips, pencils, photo albums, and personal care products are some other chief promotional items you can select from at Whether you are selecting gadgets like calculators and radios or articles like sewing kits, sports items, small trinkets, toys and travel items, you can rest assured all products available at are of the highest quality. So, go ahead, select from our large collection of promotional items and give your commercial venture the best boost possible. With our products, your clients are sure to remember both your gesture and your business name for long durations.

Robert Diener is the owner of Specialty Promotions Unlimited based in New York, USA. His company offers promotional products, business gifts and many more promotional items.