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By Robert Diener Published 03/6/2007 | Advertising

The modern corporate world is a world of marketing. No matter which field of work you belong to, from commerce and finance to technology, research and education in every field, how well you present the services and products offered by your organization goes a long way in determining the overall impression and productivity of your organization. In order to attract the attention of prospective clients and retain old business associates, presenting promotional gift items, bearing the official logo of the company is one of the most common methods practiced by various organizations today. This process of gifting promotional products to prospective clients and old associates has two main advantages. On one hand, the moment an individual looks at a gift product with the name or logo of the organization imprinted on it, he or she is immediately reminded of the organization and products and services offered by them. On the other hand, by this process only, a significant part of publicizing and advertising about an organization can be achieved. At, we provide you a wide range of promotional items to choose from. Depending on your specific requirements and type of clients you want gifting these products to, you can choose from different types of promotional products at Once you make your product selection and provide your company logo, will imprint the products selected by you with your official logo and thereby, provide you the best options for gifting your business clients and potential associates.

Promotional items like pens and mugs, imprinted with your company logo are some articles of daily use that will remind your clients of your organization and its services every time he or she looks at it. Along with these articles of everyday use, for gifting your corporate clients and business associates, items like business card holders, business card coasters and business card magnets form useful and significant mementoes. Every time your corporate client uses these items, he will be reminded of your organization and services provided therein. At, you can select from a wide range of these business-oriented promotional gift items.

Business card coasters available at are economic promotional items that will both fit your budget and provide your business associates with memorable tokens. The business card coasters available at are printed in four color process; the standard dimensions of these cards are 5 inches X 3 inch X 1/8 inch. Provided with heavy rubber backing, these business card coasters are easy to use and durable. According to your specific requirements, you can also ask to provide you business card coasters of specific sizes and shapes. However, in cases of such customized card coasters, the prices charged may be higher than the usual rates.

Whether you want to promote a specific event held by your organization, or simply want to advertise about the products and services available at your company, presenting your business associates and partners with business card holders is one of the best ways to attain either goal. Business card holders are some of the most frequently used items of everyday life. You can select from specprom.coms wide range of business card holders, select the item suiting your taste and purpose most and get them imprinted with your company logo, or special event name. Once you present these promotional business card holders to your prospective and current business clients, you can rest assured that every time they take a look at these products and use them in their everyday lives, they will be reminded of your business organization and the services provided there. Along with advertising about your organization and making people aware of services available therein, promotional items like these are also great ways to build goodwill with your professional and business associates. From holding business cards and specialized company products to securely keeping important documents like passports and credit cards, the business card holders available at serve a variety of purposes. Depending on the number of documents and cards you want a product to hold or the dimension of the respective papers and cards, you can select business card holders of a variety of dimensions and capacities. Business card holders available at are made of quality leather and are therefore, both soft and comfortable to hold and durable in nature.

One of the most common problems faced by business executives and employees of different sectors is keeping regular track of their daily projects, assignments and duties. The business card magnets available at take care of this problem and provide an effective solution up to significant extents. Depending on your specific requirement and budget, you can select from our large array of business card magnets provided with different number of note sheets and tracking capacities. The full color business card magnets available at come with 50 sheet notepads which make it easy for your business client or associate to keep daily notes of his or her list of things to do and thereby, be able to organize his or her work more properly. There are also non-magnetic business cards available at, which are great promotional gift items. You can also choose from white magnetic business cards and brushed metallic business cards at

Office essential items, with your companys logo imprinted on them, are some of the best promotional gift items you can present your corporate clients and business associates. Every time your business client uses these office items of daily use, he is reminded of your organization and services provided therein. At you can choose from a large collection of office essential items that make for great promotional gift items. From round clip dispensers, wireless mouse and clip flops to executive regency padfolios, composition notebooks with Quasar pens, Jr. Chronicle padfolios and note pads with pen or pencil holders, at you get a large range of office essential items to choose from. So no matter, whether you are searching for some suitable gift item to present your guests in a special event, or are simply deciding on gift items to present as a compliment to your existing clients and potential associates, at you can get all types of promotional items to suit your specific business requirement, budget and purpose.

Robert Diener is the owner of Specialty Promotions Unlimited based in New York, USA. His company offers promotional products, business gifts and many more promotional items.