Unique Shine Property of Natural Stone

By Ron Victor Published 03/15/2007 | Home Improvement

Natural stone is the stone which is formed with different colors, beauty and with its own shines. Natural stones like marble, granite, limestone and any other variety shine mainly because of the fine polish given to the natural stone. Generally everybody knows that natural stone is made up of fine crystals. This crystal contains different minerals and this minerals forms different shapes. When natural stones are extracted from the quarry, the surface of this stones will be very hard.

Usually natural stone exit with its own shine, but when a polish is given to the surface the original beauty expose their. Since grinders are used to extract the natural stones granite, marble, lime stone the surface finds to be harder. While extracting, the natural shine of the stone may get damaged. Grinders are used to cut the rough edges of the natural stones by the scratching the stone till it gets finer. This scratch takes place till the stone becomes finer and finer. The process of grinding ends up when the surface of the stone gets very smoother. The grinding process of the crystals takes place in a slow process until the natural stone becomes finer and finer and its surface are perfectly flat and smooth in each other.

The perfection of the natural stone should have a flat surface and its polish should reflect more beautiful with uniformity. When natural stones surface are flat then you get a perfect stone with incredible shine. When natural stones are chosen for flooring, they finds difficult because it is the hardest material with more durability. It is especially chosen for countertops, sinks, tiles, slabs and bathtubs because of its resistance to heat, acid, stain and moisture. The natural stones hardness can be removed easily from the stone, when a polish is provided for the stone to obtain its natural shine. Natural stone shine is the important factor to be considered, when granite, marbles are installed.

The shine property of the natural stone exist because of the property exist and not because of the any property added. The shiness of the natural stone can be retained using an abrasive crystalline compound and any buffer. This crystalline can be used to remove the scratches and stains from the floor. When the natural stone is harder, then it becomes more difficult to grind, but more shines can be achieved from the stone. Every natural stone differs with shine compared to other natural stone. Many people realize that natural stone beauty is because of the shine created through the polish.

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