Major Home Selling Mistakes

By Nelson Stewart Published 03/19/2007 | Real Estate
In every home sale there are some major mistakes that you as the seller want to avoid. Most of these things are common sense but when selling something as big as a house it can be easy to forget the little things. Take some time with your realtor to discuss things that you should not do in detail. If you have sold a home before you likely know these things, first time home sellers should take note.

One of the major mistakes that sellers make is to assume that buyers will see the home in the same light that they do. Remember that your opinion and view of the home has been tempered by years of living and memories. Undoubtedly you have some real attachment to the home. This can easily temper your eye when it comes to imperfections in the home. Buyers are naturally critical so any little area of concern will be heavily scrutinized. Another things that tends to happen is there is a disparity between what a seller thinks their home is worth and what the market dictates the home is worth. Once again you cannot really put a price on memories and years. If you could, homes would be priceless right?

One thing that can interfere with a potential buyer being able to visualize themselves in the home is personal photos and mementos scattered everywhere. The idea is for them to be able to picture their families living in the home and reminders of the current owners are not going to help with this. Speaking of the current owners, one of the major mistakes that owners make is being present in the home when buyers come to look at the house. This is not good. Buyers need to feel free to explore a home and make comments as they do. Your being there can easily intimidate a buyer and make the process awkward and uncomfortable. As with any aspect of the home sale converse at length with your realtor, you will not regret spending the time.

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