Eight Wise Tips For Vacation Rental Owners

By Zaithyn Galter Published 03/28/2007 | Travel

1.      Install a keyless lock on your front door to avoid keys all together. Keys are a pain - we lose them and they can be easily copied. Switch your doors to a keyless lock system and change your combination at regular intervals.

2.      Help keep your rental clean by providing sensible outdoor storage facilities. An outside heated locker is a must for all ski vacation rentals. Avoid getting melting snow in the house by building an outside ski locker, this will visually remind guests that their skis have a home outside. It is also a good idea to have secure exterior storage for other outdoor recreational equipment relevant to your vacation rental area such as mountain bikes or hiking equipment.

3.      Don't build your own website. Keep your costs low and spend more on marketing your property on many different rental sites vs. building your own. Many vacation rental listing sites allow you to have your own mini site on their site with photos, maps, and availability calendars Don't reinvent the wheel!

4.      Keep a guest book at your vacation rental so that you can obtain written testimonials from your satisfied clientele. Then use these testimonials to effectively market your rental property. Testimonials are marketing gold.

5.      Consider adding a low-cost luxurious amenity. A carefully placed outdoor shower or sauna will add tremendous allure to your vacation rental.

6.      Promote off-season visits. Some renters just need to get away, even if it is off-season. Always indicate the reasons for visiting your rental during all times of the year and not just in the high season period.

7.       Get your price right. Put yourself in the shoes of a renter and investigate all of the other vacation rental options in your area. Find the three that are most comparable to your property in terms of amenities, location and privacy and average the price. Keeping your prices in line with comparable rentals ensures that you are in the running for new business.

8.   Use an online availability calendar. Dont waste your time or your potential renters time. Keeping an up-to-date calendar (see our site for examples) saves everyone time and frustration your clients will appreciate it!

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