Staging For A Quick Sale In Sarasota

By Jim Hirschman Published 04/20/2007 | Real Estate
The necessity of home staging has grown significantly in recent years. Viewers are expecting more from the average home showing, and the responsibility falls on the owner to supply this. Fortunately is is something that is not difficult to achieve. There are any number of guides and articles (such as this one right here ) that offer good advice on staging your home to show to its full potential. Of course, there are professional home stagers that will gladly come and stage your home for you, but why not try your hand at it yourself?

The initial stage of staging is always the same no matter which home you are dealing with. Clean up. Clutter and mess is the enemy of a staged home. Take a few days if necessary and get the family involved. Move from room to room, making sure that each room is as clean and uncluttered as possible before moving on to the next room. It is at this point where is may be worth your while to begin packing the larger and the unused items. If it's not a daily use item, pack it! You will only end up saving yourself time in the long run.

The next stage will typically be the "tweaking" stage. This will be where you go from room to room fixing any outstanding problems or areas of concern. Do paint touch-ups and things of that manner. You should be concerned with the little things like marks on the walls or floor, chips in floor tiles and doors that stick. This will be a secondary step if there are any major fixes or changes that need to be made, such as wall color or covering changes, new fixtures and lights or appliances. If you are looking to realize a greater profit from your home sale then these major changes are a great place to start.

Once these are complete then there is not too much left to do. Much of home staging happens the day of the show. Make sure that the home is welcoming. Fresh flowers around the home are a nice visual touch. also make sure that your home is free of unpleasant scents. If you have pets, take them to a neighbor's home or a friend's place during the showing. You want your home to be pristine, but not sterile, welcoming but now overpowering. It's a delicate balance, but when you get it right, it sells homes quickly.

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