Promotional Products Gifts to Enliven Your Leisure

By Robert Diener Published 04/24/2007 | Marketing

bIndustrial, commercial, technological or scientific research all fields of the modern world are today ruled by marketing. No matter what products your company deals with, no matter what services you provide, in order to achieve the best commercial outputs and the generate maximum revenue, proper advertising and marketing plays a crucial role today. Gifting existing clients, business associates and prospective customers promotional products is one of the most popular methods of marketing resorted to today. These gifts may be big or small and may range from articles of everyday use to showy decorative items; but, the essential purpose of spreading the word about your company and services provided therein, is served by them all.

At Specialty Promotions Unlimited you can select from a wide range of promotional products, gift items and mementos for gifting your corporate clients and business associates. Available on a wide range of price scale, promotional products available here can be easily afforded both by multi billion dollar corporate houses and small scale commercial organizations. Depending on the specific purpose you want served and the type of clients you are planning to gift the items to, you can choose promotional items from the large variety of products available here. Once you provide your official logo, Specialty Promotions Unlimited will imprint the same on products selected by you and prepare them for gifting your clients and associates.

No matter how big or famous your client is and the industry he belongs to, everyone needs to take vacations sometime or other. At Specialty Promotions Unlimited, you can choose from a large collection of holiday gift items and specially designed vacation products. Beach items, bike bottles and binoculars are some such holiday gift products just right for gifting your existing and potential clientele. You can rest assured, even during their vacationing days, every time your clients and associates use these promotional products, they will be reminded of your organization and the products and services you have on offer.

In modern times, a large percentage of the metropolitan population love to spend their holidays and long weekends on tranquil, exotic seaside far from the mad rush of city life. Gifting your corporate clients and associates various beach items will undoubtedly remind them of your business organization every time they use these promotional products while on their holiday. Small, smart and unique, beach items available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited are convenient to carry around and their exclusive designs are sure to impress whoever you gift them to. The beach clips available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited are uniquely designed 3-in-1 clips that are capable of securely fastening a wide variety of items of daily use like sunglasses, towels and beach bags to pool chairs. The Beach Safe containers available are airtight entities that can keep cash and coins safe and secure at all hours. Available in bright colors, these are sure to impress the recipients. As one can conveniently wrap these safes around the neck, these containers are easy to carry around without any additional hassles.

The Deluxe Foldup Beach Mat with Inflatable Pillow is one of the best beach items you can gift anyone. The 36 x 72 beach mats and pillows, coming in a variety of bright and cheerful color combinations (like red and white, yellow and white, royal blue and white and green and white), are sure to cheer up anyone who receives them. Prepared from tubular polypropylene, these beachmats and pillows are resistant to water and sand. Available in packages complete with attached cotton covers and handles, these beach mats can be easily folded into convenient carrying cases. Once folded, the standard size is 12 inches W x 9 inches H. Beach totes available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited comprise of vinyl body, zippered tops and inner zippered pockets. Provided with 12 straps, these totes are easy to carry around at all times.

Going out on relaxed bike rides are also great ways of enjoying the beauties of nature, refreshing your senses and filling yourself with renewed energy. However, long bike rides often tire you out and makes you long for refreshing cool drinks. The bike bottles available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited enable one to carry along cold water or refreshing chilled drinks while out on a bike ride. Available in clear translucent colors, these bike bottles are the perfect gifts to give your nature-loving corporate clients and business associates. Provided with straws, these 22 Oz bottles allow the bike rider to enjoy his favorite drink any time he wants without any inconvenience of carrying heavy bottles.

To those who love outdoor trips at regular intervals, observing the natural way of life and the habits and ways of birds and animals amidst natural surroundings form one of the greatest attractions. Whether for hunting purpose, searching for some creature or, simply observing natural life at close quarters, the binocular comes in handy for a wide range of purposes. Keeping this fact in mind, Specialty Promotions Unlimited offers you different models of binoculars to gift your business associates, clients and prospective customers. You can be sure that every time they use these binoculars and see your company name imprinted on top, they will be reminded of your products and services.

The Binolux Roof Prism Binocular is an 8 x 21 gadget that comes complete with a black carrying case. The Compact Zoom Binocular available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited has a wide power range varying from 6-18 times and has a field view of 22. Coming with neck strap and carrying case, these binoculars are easy to carry around and can be safely stored while one is out on camping. The 10 x 25 High Quality binoculars available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited consist of metal body binoculars with handles made of rubber. The Binolux compact zoom Binocular with power ranging from 6-18 times and field view 22, is another smart option you can select as a promotional item for gifting your corporate clients. 

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