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By Robert Diener Published 04/25/2007 | Marketing

In the modern world, how well you market your products and advertise about your organization determines and influences up to a significant extent the overall prosperity of your company. In an endless race to gain a cutting edge over the peers, most companies today attempt to devise innovative marketing tactics and publicity campaigns to make people aware of the products and services they have on offer and attract the latter to the same.

Gifting promotional items to existing and potential clients is one of the most common methods of drawing attention of people and making them aware of the services and products available at an organization. Specialty Promotions Unlimited offers you a wide range of promotional items for gifting your corporate clients and business associates. From items of everyday use to exotic gifts, at Specialty Promotions Unlimited you get it all at affordable rates. All you need to do is, depending on your budget and objective, select the products you want to gift your clients, business associates and potential customers. Once you make this selection and provide the official logo you want marked on the products, Specialty Promotions Unlimited will imprint the same on the promotional products selected by you and make the latter ready for gifting. As promotional products available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited is priced at a wide range of values, you can rest assured, no matter whether you run a multi billion dollar organization or a small enterprise, you are certain to get promotional products suiting your budget and purpose.

Irrespective of how big or influential your corporate clients are, items of everyday use come in handy for almost everybody. Keeping this fact in mind, Specialty Promotions Unlimited offers you a wide variety of products suitable for use at your home, office or recreation purposes. Whether you are outdoors for your regular exercise session or traveling for a weekend getaway, drinks of chilled water or your favorite cold drink from time to time always prove refreshing. In order to make the carriage of drinking water and other beverages easier, Specialty Promotions Unlimited offers you various products like bottle coolers, bottle holders, bottled water and can coolers. You can rest assured every time your clients and associates use these products and see your company logo imprinted on them, they will be reminded of your organization and what you have on offer.

Bottle coolers at Specialty Promotions Unlimited come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Each comprising of its own set of exclusive features, these bottle coolers are some of the best gifts that you can give your clients and associates. The 24oz Cannon Bottles are structured in polycarbonate and stainless steel. Complete with contoured grooves and stainless steel lid and base, Cannon bottle coolers are most convenient for everyday use. Attached with webbing straps, these bottle coolers are also easy to carry along, no matter where you are traveling. The 22oz Velocity Bottles are made of polycarbonates and are provided with rubber grips. Whereas, the drinking spout is made of molded plastic, the dome lid comes complete with a spring latch closure.

The Versa Bottle Cooler with a Carabiner is structured to comfortably fit 12oz, 16oz and 20 oz bottles. With open cell foam construction and pull cords for secure fittings, these bottle coolers keep your drinks chilled for long time durations. The Carabiner enables you to attach these bottle coolers to your bag, purse or belt loop conveniently. Versa Bottle Coolers, also available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited fits 12oz, 16oz and 20 oz bottles. These bottle coolers have an open foam construction and are provided with pull cords. The 20oz Mojo Bottles have a polycarbonate and stainless steel construction with specially designed molded finger and thumb grip facilities. The 22oz Iyse Bottles comprise of a polycarbonate stainless steel construction and have a sleek structure. The stainless steel lid ensures that your drinks stay chilled for longer time durations.

Bottle Holders available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited are also highly useful promotional gift items. The Bottle Caddy models are hands free carriers capable of conveniently holding most standard size beverage bottles. The provision for wearing these bottle holders around the neck makes carrying drinks even easier for you. The Non-Woven Bottle Bags allow clear display of bottle labels at the front. Reinforced handles of these bottle holders make carrying them even easier. Soda Capz available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited are equipped with snap-lock caps that can be pulled up or pushed down to keep the liquids contained inside from spilling out.

The Can Coolers available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited are also great gifts to give business associates and old and new clients. The Slicker Kan Coolers comprise of a smooth, leathery exterior with felt linings inside. As these can coolers can be flattened, they can be easily accommodated within pockets. While holding cans, these can coolers can also be fitted within larger cup holders. Specialty Promotions Unlimited also offers you free imprinting of the second sides of these coolers. You can also opt for the Collapsible Foam Can Coolers on which you can get your business logo imprinted on both sides in white puff imprint. The Can Bee Guards are some of the best can coolers you can opt for that serve as protecting your drinks from insects.

Kan Coolers available at Specialty Promotions Unlimited are available in two bright colors and consists of foam-insulated bodies. You can use these Kan Coolers for holding both cans and bottles. The Camouflage Can Coolers have a cloth exterior and a felt lined interior. While on one hand, you can flatten these can coolers to fit into any pocket, on the other, these can be fitted into other cup holders while holding cans. No matter which type of promotional product you select for gifting your clients, you can always rest assured that at Specialty Promotions Unlimited, you will get articles made from the very best quality materials that will both impress your clients and serve them steadily in the best ways possible.

Robert Diener is the owner of Specialty Promotions Unlimited based in New York, USA. His company offers promotional products, business gifts and many more promotional items.