Incentive products for existing customers

By praveen samra Published 05/2/2007 | Marketing

The prime function of corporate gifts is to show appreciation by rewarding loyal customers for their business to date and to develop positive long-term relationships.

There are many different types of corporate gifts to choose from, including hotel and leisure vouchers, upmarket food and drink, activity vouchers, and executive business gifts. Of these, business gifts are the most enduring with the added benefit of repeated exposure through regular use.  

Some of the more traditional corporate gifts are leather travel and desk products, designer pens, cufflinks and silver plated accessories, with high tech items such as executive engraved USB flash drives becoming increasingly popular.

When selecting corporate gifts it is essential to remember that the choice of gift will reflect the company or brand. An unreliable product of poor quality is likely to demotivate the recipient and have a negative impact on the brand. 

It is also important to choose a gift that is both thoughtful and appropriate, showing that time has been taken to find out about the recipients lifestyle and interests.

The question of branding on corporate gifts also requires careful consideration. Although they represent a unique way to promote a companys brand and message, any branding must be done in a subtle rather than obvious way. Unlike inexpensive giveaways handed out at trade shows for example, any logos displayed on corporate gifts should be discreet so as not to devalue the gift or make it embarrassing to use.

Corporate gifts are a stylish way for businesses and organisations to incentivise their customers.