Getting Your Home Ready For The Summer Market

By Greg Smith Published 05/16/2007 | Real Estate
Across the country home owners are getting ready for what promises to be a great summer in the real estate market. With the doldrums of winter on their way out and spring starting to emerge the time is perfect for the real estate market to start heating up. For those who are planning on listing homes this spring, this is the perfect time to start doing home upgrades and getting rid of some of the winter mess that has no doubt accumulated.

Its not hard for a home to gather up a fairly significant mess over the fall and winter months, especially in areas where there is a lot of rain and snow. This kind of weather can turn a lawn and yard into a soupy mess and present some distinct problems when trying to bring it back to life. Gardens can look like a mud bog and any gardens that border on the home may have left dirt and streaks on the home itself. A good place to start is with the lawn.

Depending on the kind of grass you have the lawn will green up at different rates. Some types of grass need to be fertilized early in spring and some other need the same closer to summer. Ask a lawn care professional about what is right for your type of grass. Now, when attacking the yard, spend some time clearing away the debris from the winter if there is any and then do a low cut on your lawn. This will help to clear away any dead plant or damaged grass. This gives the lawn a fresh cut to grow on, and after the first cut of the year it will grow like crazy. After taming the lawn back to a normal length, try aerating. This allows much needed oxygen into the soil and will help the lawn to look great.

The gardens are a somewhat easier task. New topsoil and mulch brings a garden back to top condition quickly. If you have flowers that bloom yearly then you may not have to worry about what will bloom, but adding some new color never hurts. Usually a quick power washing can remove any marks that mud and dirt may have left on the home. while you are at it, why not wash the driveway and make the entrance to your home more attractive?

There is a lot more that anyone can do to prepare their home for the summer markets. Its always a good idea to put a stress on the home's exterior as that is the first thing people see and summer months mean a lot of time spent outdoors. Let's face it, good yards can sell homes.

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