Home Sale Problems

By Nelson Stewart Published 05/16/2007 | Real Estate
There is nothing quite as difficult for a home seller than to see their home sitting on the market getting no offers or interest from buyers. It is even worse if they have reduced the price a few times to no avail. The best homes in the best locations are selling quickly, however lesser homes are having a difficult time in this down market. In this event it has become necessary to ensure that your home shows well. The revolution in home showing that has evolved to fill this need is known as staging. This is the planned and careful re-arranging and decoration of a home in order to show off its strong points and minimize the weaker ones.

If you really want to set your home apart from the rest apply the principles of staging to both the interior and the exterior. Many people make judgments on a home based on its exterior. With first impressions playing a major role in a buyer's decision, the yard and appearance of the home's exterior has never been so important. Your home should have the ability to capture a buyer's interest as they drive by the home. This can be easily achieved by spending some time on the home's landscaping and gardens. Painting the home is another good way to attract attention and add value. Homes with an attractive facade will sell much quicker than homes that need extensive yard work.

Home interiors are where the sale of the home is made or broken. After viewing the nicely reworked yard and gardens, it is up to the interior to make that final lasting impression that will be the sale maker. In order to stage a home interior you must first make sure that the interior is spotless. From top to bottom the home should sparkle. Then, start to remove and excess furniture, clothing, or things that you have just seemed to collect over the years until all that is left are the daily essentials. Also consider changing some of the art and decorations to reflect a more neutral theme. Your decorations may be your favorites but they may not appeal to as wide an audience as necessary for the home to show properly.

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