How to Plan, Schedule and Run a Meeting -- The WRONG Way

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/20/2006 | Business and Finance
Meetings have become an inevitable part of doing business for almost every business owner. There are meetings with clients, meetings with employees and meetings with peers or associates.

Almost everyone has suffered through too many meetings that take up too much time and accomplish too little.

In fact, you may find that you yourself have now become numb to that fact that your meetings arent as good as they could be. And everywhere you look, it seems as if somebody has another idea about how to fix your meetings, and make them more focused, more productive, and dare I say it? More fun!

So what can you do about it? Relax and keep reading, because youre about to find the information that can help you maintain the status quo a list of tips and ideas for meeting planning the wrong way!

1. Schedule your meetings at bad times - (for example, how about setting up a must attend meeting late on Friday afternoon or right after lunch?)

2. Make sure your meetings all start late and run overtime - (and whenever possible, scheduling meetings when someone is up against a deadline, or on a tight schedule).

3. Maintain a consistent lack of focus on what topics will be covered (dont use an agenda).

4. Ensure there is a poor level of rapport in the group (people dont talk to each other, or they complain, or engage in other unsuitable behavior).

5. Dont arrive at a decision - (find new ways to keep covering the same ground, or continue asking for input rather than creating a plan of action.)

6. Dont use parliamentary procedures - (so that the correct methods for amending or making a motion, following the agenda and taking turns before speaking are not being followed).

7. Choose a poor location and environment for your meetings - (for example, trying to fit 15 people into a closet-sized room that doesnt have windows or a proper ventilation system.)

8. Schedule meetings to go over routine topics - (instead of sending a memo or email.)

9. Dont talk to your group, or make your meetings interactive - (talking at them, lecturing or going off on wild tangents.)

10. Never asking for feedback from participants, or allowing others to present ideas or get involved.

There you have it! Just follow those ten simple tips, and you're guaranteed to instill fear, loathing and boredom into even the most intrepid of meeting participants!