Professional eBook Covers 101

By Ovi Dogar Published 05/23/2007 | Web Design
It is true that people judge a book by his cover.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, that is why an ebook cover image plays a crucial role in the ebooks success. Well designed, professional looking ebook covers do much, because an ebook cover can be a powerful attention grabbing sales tool.

The cover is sometimes more important than the content, because it has to grab the attention of the intended audience. An effective, high-quality cover inspires trust, so it should look professional.  It must be unique, and give an accurate representation on the ebooks content. Even if the basic book shape can be similar to other ebooks covers, the images and graphics must be original.

To look professional it has to have smooth edges, to use the right colors and images, the title and words should be easy to read, also the graphics should be crisp and clear. Graphics, colors and text can affect the quality of the final product image.

Here are some tips that might help you in designing the best ebooks covers ever.

1. Title

- The title should be short  because the cover will be a small image on the website and there is not too much space to display it in and also make it readable

- The more words there are, the smaller the text will be and the harder it will be to read

- The title is very important and must be focused and appropriate for the target audience  

- You may use strong font for the main title

2. Images  

- Choose the images carefully to best represent the ebook, the image you use have to be related to the book's topic

- As Ive said, the picture should reflect the topic of the book, so the buyer should be able to get a general idea of what the book is about by watching the cover

- A cover that has only text it is kind of boring, that's why it is better to use an image or photo, to help to get the message of the book across

- Don't use too many background graphics, because simplicity is the key to powerful design

- The cover should be simple and unique, do not copy someone else design

- The cover image must be razor sharp and crystal clear to sell the ebook; too many ebook images can look fuzzy and flat

- Avoid large open spaces

3. Fonts

- eBook covers are small so the fonts you use should be compact and easy to read. (try Arial Black or Impact)

- Use fonts that are appropriate to the subject of the book

- Mixing two different fonts can be effective, but beware of using more because it gets confusing. In no way use more than three different fonts!

- The text should be readable, and not too much

- Limit the amount of text to what is important such as title, subtitle, author's name and maybe web address

4. Colors

- The color is a useful tool in the design of an ebook cover

- The colors you choose should reflect the subject of the book

- Choose colors that work with the website colors

- The colors tell a lot about the general subject of the ebook so you must choose them carefully; (for example red is an action color and is good for ebooks who is talking about action, green refers to money and prosperity, blue is a confidence color and orange stimulate the appetite, health, vitality)

- Colors have their own energies; the colors make us feel different emotions, so it is a strong factor in how the potential buyer will react to it

- Also, you may use colors that contrast

- Colors should be well balanced. Here is a free tool that will help you with generating balanced color schemes:

Choosing the right colors, images, fonts and graphics it is sometimes hard to do if you are not a professional designer. We all know that a high-quality and professional eBook cover will inspire confidence and will increase the sales of the book, but it is not such easy to get one.

If you dont have the necessary time or skills to do that, Im willing to help you at On the contrary, if youre a graphic designer and would like to join our professional team, just send us an email at [email protected] with a link to your portfolio and well get back to you in no time with work to do and a good paycheck... :)