Staging Your Raleigh Home for a Quick Sale

By Karen Hoeve Published 05/23/2007 | Real Estate
Home staging is becoming an ever more popular and necessary step of the home sales process. Home buyers are expecting more for their money and more presentation from homes. So this article will give you some ideas on how to give prospective buyers the presentation that are looking for while showcasing your home's strongest elements.

The art of staging is essentially the cleaning and tweaking of your home. The first step of any home staging is to eliminate clutter and excess furniture that is not necessary, does not add to the home's theme or simply takes up too much space. Most homes do have this kind of problem. The truth is that homes show better with less furniture in them than you usually live with. Rooms are too busy and too much furniture creates too many focal points for buyers. The next element of the staging will be to go through every room and make sure that all surfaces are clear of everyday items. This includes the kitchen, bathroom and all bedrooms.

When removing daily use items, also remove things that are overt reminders of your family. Believe it or not, it's a good idea to remove family pictures, drawings your kids have done from the fridge and other personal effects. These things make it harder for a buyer to imagine their family in the home when there are glaring reminders of the current family everywhere. I know it may seem odd, and many think that their curios, pictures and heirlooms add warmth to the home. It may seem this way at the outset, but any professional home stager will have you remove these items.

A word about color. If you are a fan of "different" paint jobs, perhaps those that utilize odd colors or patterns; you may want to repaint. Neutral colors are best for showing a home. The neutrality appeals to a greater number of people. It also gives them a blank canvas on which to imagine their own color schemes. This is critical in home staging as you want people to easily imagine their things and ideas transforming the house into their ideal home. After all, the home has served you well for years, it's time to let someone else make their own memories in the home.

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