So You Want to Try Direct Sales

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/24/2007 | Marketing

Direct sales is become one of the ways that many are seeking to find their fortunes. However, many leap before they truly understand what they are getting into. There are a variety of approaches one can take in direct sales. First, we must understand that a direct sale is merely the delivery of products and/or services to the end user.

Marketing is the method one uses to get the news out about what you have available. We will take a brief look at some of those methods. You will have to choose which you will use.

One of the oldest is door-to-door sales. Many of us can remember the Fuller brush man, the Avon lady or the persistent vacuum machine salesman. There are some skills and techniques that must be developed to go out and knock on doors. Never the less all direct sales are based on this method. Belly to belly, eye-to-eye, communication was and still is the springboard that launches any sales. Without understanding how to communicate effectively with another person face to face no sale can occur.

Phone sales are merely letting your fingers do the walking. Selling is considered a numbers game. So with that in mind you can dial faster than you can walk.

Then there is direct mail. We send out lots of our little salespersons in the form of a well-constructed letter. In this case, we use words in print to get our foot in the door.

The Internet or World Wide Web is another form of reaching out to touch someone with your sales message. It is much like a big sales letter delivered on your computer screen.

Newspapers and magazines are great ways to make others aware of your offering. You must make sure that your product is targeted to the proper publication.

Radio and television are powerful methods of getting out the word that you are in the direct sales business. However, it is expensive so you had better know what you are doing. In addition, your product must have mass appeal.

There are numerous articles, books and courses on how to use these methods to directly sell your products. All of them cover how to get the prospects' attention, how to keep their attention, how to make a compelling offer, aimed to persuade people to choose your product or service over what your competitors are selling, how to call them to act on your offering and, last but not least, how to make the exchange successfully.

Keep in mind that your enthusiasm for your product will make others want to buy from you. Direct selling has become the ticket for many to a profitable home-based business. Ultimately, this is what direct sales is all about. So choose your method, get educated, and sale, sale, sale!