5 Ways to Extent Your Wig Life

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/24/2007 | Finance

You want to look good; you've bought a new wig and are all ready for the grand makeover. In all the joy of trying the new look you forget to enquire how to keep your good wig looking great. Well, here's how you can keep your lace wig in perfect condition.

Lace wigs are lightweight, comfortable and give you a perfect look.

When you first receive the lace wig put your hands inside the wig and give it a gentle shake. This will loosen and open out hair. If the hair is straight use a wig brush to gently comb it through. If it is a curly wig, simply run your fingers through the hair.

You can wear your lace wigs for up to 30 wearing days or 6 weeks depending on the adhesive used. If you use the wig in harsher environments like strong direct sunlight or smoky conditions you must wash the wig more often. The best way to know when your wig needs a wash is if it gets sticky, tangled and seems lifeless. It's just like your own hair so you will know when it is time.

Gently brush the wig at the bottom to untangle any knots. Soak the wig for a few minutes and then wash with a wig shampoo in the washbasin. Never put it in the washing machine. End with a rinse. Be gentle at all times.

To dry, pat the wig with a towel. Remember, never wring the wig or else it will lose shape. Don't comb when dripping wet as well.

Hang the wig on a wig stand to dry. You can spray a wig conditioner and then gently use your fingers to smooth it out.

Use Proper Products
Your lace wigs have been treated with care. You must use only dedicated and specially formulated wig care products like shampoos, conditioners and brushes.

Often you may come across certain products that are advertised as being mild and definitely not suitable for your wigs. They may actually make your wig dull and loose their color.

Do not use hairbrushes with nylon bristles especially on curly wigs. The curls will open out. Avoid hair spray, mousse and permanent hair colors as well.

Also remember to use the products correctly and in right quantities.

Avoid Damaging Agents
Excessive heat and cold can play havoc with your wig. Avoid direct heat from ovens, blow dryers, and clothes dryers, hot boiling water, barbecues and such objects. You can wear a cloth on your head to minimize any effect.

If you are caught in the rain, snow or steam-like conditions just wait for your wig to dry before you do anything.

Avoid Friction
It is preferred that you remove your wig when sleeping. Friction with the pillow or high furniture, car headrests etc can cause wear and tear and cut short the life of your wig.

Just bear these points in mind and you can have great looking lace wigs that last for a long time.