3 Ways to get Bad Credit & 3 Steps to get it Corrected

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/24/2007 | Finance

Many times the most well meaning people seem to develop bad credit. Those who had perfect credit in the past seem to go through periods in their lives where debt piles up and paying bills on time becomes more and more difficult.

Why does bad credit seem to occur so often to good people with good intentions? Here are three circumstances in life that regularly turn good financial situations into bad ones:

1. Many people never really learn how to manage their money and build good credit. It might be because their parents themselves did not know enough to teach them, or that they just never were interested enough to pay attention and learn how money worked.

2. When people start to make decent money for the first time in their lives, they start to become confident in their abilities to be independent. This ability to make money will always be with them. They start to feel like they can treat themselves to more and more of the finer things in life. To them, the money will continue to come in forever. They start to spend more and accumulate greater debt.

3. It's a fact that bad things happen regularly in life. Whether it's job layoffs, serious illnesses in the family, divorce, or any number of unfortunate occurrences, these setbacks do occur in life. When they do pop up, either money quits coming in, or more money starts going out.

Since spending habits and lifestyles have already been established, it is very difficult to overcome the financial difficulties. The inability to pay off debt leads to bad credit. Credit scores start to spiral down, and lifestyles are changed dramatically.

Fortunately, there are some ways to improve credit scores and get financial situations back in order. Here is a three-step process that can quickly get back good credit standing and allow anyone to start enjoying a comfortable, secure lifestyle again:

1. Get 500 from somewhere. Sell something or earn it somehow. Go to your bank and buy a 500 certificate of deposit with that money. A couple of days later go back to the bank and ask for a 500 loan, using the certificate of deposit as collateral. This "secured" loan will be granted because the bank knows it will get its money back. Your cd guarantees that.

Pay off the loan, making regular payments on time. The payments will be made using the money from the loan. It will cost a small amount of interest, but that will be well worth the expense for the improvement in credit.

2. Once that loan is paid off, go back to the same bank and now ask for a 500 "unsecured" loan. With this loan, no collateral will be asked for. You are now in good standing with the bank because of the previous loan, so this loan should also be approved. If not, go through the process of the secured loan again. If the unsecured loan is granted, pay off the loan on time using the loan money as before.

3. Once the unsecured loan is paid off, you now can apply for an unsecured credit card, either through your bank or through another company. The terms of the credit card should be very favorable, and it should have a fairly high limit attached to it. The main thing is to keep this credit card paid off and clean. From there, your credit score will show a vast improvement over where it was just a few months earlier.

There are many ways to get into debt and develop bad credit. Unplanned financial problems and unfortunate occurrences happen to everyone. Fortunately, for good people, there are always ways to get back to a happy, financially secure lifestyle.