Fire Your Boss when Your Job is No Good For You!

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/24/2007 | Careers

Hey working stiff! Yeah you, with the aching back from working too hard and the puffy eyes from not getting enough sleep. Do you like being used and abused? Do you like slaving away your life filling the pocket of someone else while your pockets are always empty?

Such is the plight of the employed! Remember when there was a lower class, middle class, and upper class? Now there are just the rich and the working poor. Exploitation is the name of the game for the rich. People working for them just keep getting poorer and poorer because working men and women are denied proper compensation.

Workers get paid less and less so the boss can get paid more and more. Massive and ever increasing profit is all that matters to the boss. Workers are not cared about at all. If a machine could replace you then you would be replaced.

Have you seen your job go overseas? It is because paying you peanuts is not cheap enough. Penny paychecks with no benefits are the best they give you, but they don't want to give you anything. According to them, you should just be proud to be part of their team, giving excellent service so the company can keep rolling in the profits to fill the big fat pockets of the boss. Work like a dog, you lucky dog! Then die broke like a dog! It is because we get treated like animals that 95% of all Americans die broke.

It is a sad fact that workers deserve better treatment than what they are getting today. They are making the American dream possible, not for themselves, but for their boss. Consider this, when the rate of inflation goes up but your wages do not, that means you are making less money year after year. Your job is taking you down into the gutter. Soon as the job has gotten as much as it can out of you, it will toss you away like trash.

Why cater to a demeaning job that does not respect you. In order to get the respect you deserve, you need an alternative to a job. You need to take care of number one. No! Number one is not your boss like you were programmed to think! Number one is you. Putting yourself first is the best thing you can do for yourself. It also makes you unemployable!

Unemployable is good. It shows you have the self-esteem not to be pushed around and told what to do. Would you be the master of your time, your money, and your life? If so, work for yourself. Run your own business. Get the full rewards of being at the top and in control. Have the leverage of tax breaks and receiving the lion's share of money. Invest the money and make even more money. Yes! Your own business! That is what makes people wealthy!