Diet Fads Versus a Sensible Diet

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/25/2007 | Fitness

Diet fads are a dime a dozen as we all know. Every year there is one or more new ways to lose weight and sometimes it's just an old diet being revived. The ones with the most hype usually get the most customers and people jumping on board to try them while other people jump off after trying it and getting another disappointment.

First of all, the promoters of these fads know that people will come and go like they do through a revolving door, but they aren't too worried because everyone leaves their little monetary deposit on the way through. Some other plans that have a more sensible approach also have people coming and going because many people find it too difficult and/or don't get results as fast or as much as they wanted. Others go through because they try every new diet that comes along thinking they have finally found the magic one and when it doesn't give them the magic, they go looking again.

One present fad is people (mostly women) getting up earlier in the morning and going to a weight loss center and exercising. We all need exercise, but exercising just to lose weight is a losing game except for the gym owner. People usually come and go with this approach too because it never gives them all the weight loss they desired.

Another approach is the plans that promote "special" foods that they want you to purchase which is rather amusing since all they are trying to do is get you to eat healthier non-fattening foods. All one has to do to get healthy non-fattening food is to learn what is good for the body and then purchase these items from local stores. These "special" foods usually have a pretty special price tag too.

The most important step in losing weight is to feed the body what it needs via healthy food. Food that is super healthy is also non-fattening. For example, one can eat fresh, uncooked fruit and vegetables all day and not get fat. When the body receives proper nutrition it automatically sheds unneeded pounds. There are extreme cases where organs/glands aren't functioning at 100% capacity and this results in weight gain because foods aren't being processed properly, but this malfunction is usually due to improper nutrition in the first place.

The best way to lose weight is to learn what healthy foods are and some basics about how your body processes foods. Then you will come to realize that it is more what you eat than how much you eat. A good place to start is the bookshelf in a local health food store as well as asking questions. If asked, most people would say that they eat healthy, but if pressed further to explain what healthy eating really is, most do not know how to describe it. For some reason most people think that if they get enough to eat in regard to volume, they are giving their body what it needs and this is actually far from the truth. Also, most people will not pay attention to their health until they have problems. The good part is that a healthy diet can correct many problems without involving doctors or spending a lot of money.