Ad Copy Secrets for Online and Off

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/20/2006 | Publishing
Who couldnt use some great ad copy tips once in awhile?! Here are secrets shared by ad pros to use in your promotions online and off.

1. DIGITAL IMAGES Add images with your ad copy. Rule of thumb here is NOT the more the merrier. So choose one or two of your best images. Dont have a camera or not great with it yet? Dont worry. Surf the Internet or check software packages for images that grant you permission for use. Simply type free images to use into your favorite search engine. Or check places like or for affordable image packages that fit your industry needs.

2. PRICE List your price and dont irritate people by playing games and hiding it or leaving it out. People are bombarded with sales commercials, postal mail, email, radio and television ads, etc. They dont and wont waste time on hunting for your price. Plus whenever you offer rewards or free bonus items in your ad copy, make sure to include the dollar value beside each so that people know theyre getting a god deal and your package holds more value overall.

3. TESTIMONIALS Continually gather testimonials of all lengths from your clients and sprinkle them throughout your ad copy. Group some inside a yellow or blue (or other color that coordinates with your marketing piece) box. List some in individual boxes along with a photo of the person sharing comments and his or her company name to add credibility. No need to be book-length comments, either.
Those 1-liners stand out and pull readers!
4. HAND WRITTEN NOTE Include a hand written notation or actual letter with your ad copy. Write the note on the edge of the ad so that it stands out, or write it on a small different colored sheet of paper. For online use, scan it and publish it on the web page or visit your favorite search engine and find a third party solution under website handwritten notes for companies like 3M Worldwide at . The addition of a personal touch can always help increase sales. Note: If your handwriting is difficult to decipher, maybe ask a friend or colleague to re-write your copy first before it going to press.

When youre finished, with your ad copy, go back and check for areas of improvement. Even tiny changes can make hug differences in response rates. So go take a peek!