Why on Earth Would You Want to Get a Rowing Machine?

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/25/2007 | Fitness

There are actually quite a few very good reasons why you should consider getting a rowing machine. There really can't be too many people who're unaware of the benefits of getting and staying fit. Let's face it, we're being reminded all the time on TV, in magazines and newspapers that our couch potato society has really done us no favors when it comes to looking after our bodies.

When it comes to keeping fit, the mainstay of your fitness regime should be some form of aerobic exercise. Well, guess what, rowing is a really tremendous form of aerobic exercise. Of course, to be honest, you probably don't fancy paddling up and down the nearest river in all weathers, do you? Well, you don't have to because your living space probably has enough spare capacity to host a rowing machine. Most of the lightweight rowing machines you can buy today will also fold up so that they can be stored in a closet or under the bed.

It's a fact that the more muscles you use when you exercise, the faster you get a total body work out and full body toning. Rowing uses most of the major muscle groups in the arms, legs, stomach, chest and back. Some more good news is that your heart and lungs get as good a workout from rowing as they would from running - and your joints don't get the constant battering they get from pounding the streets.

To get the most benefit from a rowing machine, proper rowing technique is important. This is why it's a good idea to try one out in a local gym before you invest in your own personal one. You can get a properly qualified instructor at the gym to coach you in the basic technique. This will also enable you to find out whether this form of exercise is enjoyable enough to make you motivated enough to continue with it. If you really find that you dislike it then you just know that it's likely to be a five minute wonder with you and you won't be able to justify spending the few hundred to couple of thousand dollars that your own rowing machine is going to cost.

If you do decide that a rowing machine would be the best basis for your fitness regime then you would be well advised to forsake the cost savings you might make by buying sight unseen from a mail order dealer and choose a specialist sports shop with a wide range of rowing machines that you can try out to find one that's just right for you.

You know it makes sense to look after your body, and a rowing machine may just be your perfect choice.