Is Male Menopause Real?

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/25/2007 | Health

Hormonal change is something most of us associate with women. Does it happen in men too? Well, it appears it does.

Andropause is another term for the male menopause. So, if it occurs in men, what exactly does it signify? What is the reason for it? The main theory is that the male menopause signifies the start of the second phase of adulthood.

The age at which a male begins to undergo andropause can be as early as thirty-five or as late as sixty-five.

Whilst female menopause can be a highly stressful and emotional time for women, most experts agree that male menopause can be highly constructive and positive for men.

Most of the research that has been carried out into this phenomenon suggests that there are a lot of benefits for the male going through it.

Extra maturity seems to be the major benefit. Before andropause most men are focused on achieving and attaining things materially - always striving and working to find their place in society. After andropause, by contrast, most men seem to become more comfortable with who they are and cease to feel the need to prove themselves to others.

The post andropause male will often move away from the material to a more spiritual plane.

Men who've gone through the male menopause will also tend to develop better relationships with their partners. The ceasing to battle against the world in an attempt to prove themselves to others allows them to take a more relaxed attitude to relationships. They no longer see relationships as a 'battle of the sexes', no longer have to be the dominant partner, and as a result spend more time thinking about the needs of others without needing to put themselves first all the time.

Of course, it's not all sweetness and light. Although the above may suggest that andropause, or male menopause, is something that every male should welcome and embrace with open arms, the very fact that it signals change can make it a very unsettling time. Let's face it, most people find change pretty scary.

If you are going through a phase in your life that the above information suggests could be the male menopause, then it is important that you acknowledge it, think about what it means for you, and analyze your emotions to learn what they are saying to you. Try to welcome the changes as a new adventure and embrace the positive aspects in an attempt to point your life in a more fulfilling direction.

Your overall attitude will determine whether the male menopause will be a positive, life-enhancing experience for you. There really is no reason why it shouldn't be. Just recognize that you have the choice, and make sure you choose well.