How to Add Adventure to Your Life!

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/25/2007 | Self Improvement

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

This quote by Helen Keller essentially sums up life in the fast lane - although the "fast lane" is not about speed. It's about stepping out of the normal lane of everyday life and making changes in your life by doing things you would not normally think of doing. Or that even present a challenge for you.

The word "adventure," depending on where you live or the life you have already lived, will roll out a different movie of imagination in everyone's mind.

For some, adventure would be an Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean type of life - cheating and tempting death while seeking a treasure never before uncovered. Yet, for others, it could be deciding to wear a different color outfit, or try a different meal on the menu instead of the same old standby that can always be trusted.

Take an inventory of your life, a snapshot of where you were last year and where you are today.

Many of us tend to stay in our comfort zone. We don't speak in front of crowds, even when asked. We don't get involved in different volunteer organizations because it may mean that we need to come out of our shell. We don't speak up at a meeting because we don't want to attract attention, or we're not sure what others will think.

So, why change? Why should we come out of our comfort zone and stretch a little at least?

Simply because it is good for us and it is good for those around us.

People who exercise after a long sabbatical from any strenuous activity usually experience aches and pains at first. Their body goes into an allergic state, breaking out in sweat and shortness of breath. Before long though, after a regular diet of healthy movement, their threshold becomes greater and higher as their body becomes fit and healthy.

The same can be said when we stretch out of our daily mundane lifestyle. We become capable of handling more, of giving more, of being a better person than we ever thought we could be. We develop goals and dreams we never thought possible. That lifestyle we always wanted but never thought possible suddenly comes within reach.

Even when things don't go as planned; an energizing person who has become a positive thinker will learn from the experience and grow from it.

So, how can you turn your life into a daring adventure?

First, leave the Indian Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean stuff to the moviemakers - unless you want to be a moviemaker - then off you go!

But for now, let's concentrate on today and your day-to-day life. Where can you turn life into an adventure? Here are some suggestions:

- If you can, how about leaving the car at home and walking to where you want to go - or even more daring - ride a bicycle.

- How about trying a new meal every time you go to a restaurant?

- Say hello to that new person at work.

- Start a conversation instead of waiting to join in. Think of a list of question or statements that you could use to start that conversation.

- Buy the bright-colored, stand-out-from-the-crowd shirt, instead of the low-key blend-in type that says, "I'm practical".

- Get up twenty minutes early and read a book.

- Go see a movie you thought would be boring - you may be pleasantly surprised.

- Stay up and watch a movie with your kids.

- Get involved in a sport.

- Take a course from Toastmasters.

- Learn to belly dance.

- Say yes to doing something you fear, especially when others believe in you and are already encouraging you.

- Learn how to text message on a cellular phone.

- Learn Karate or some kind of self-defense.

- Fly in a small airplane if you never have.

- Meet one new person a week - that's fifty-two in a year. You're bound to become friends with at least one or two of them.

- Go to church.

Take a short look at your day and note where you could be more adventurous. Over time, you'll notice a change for the better -maybe even a new you.

Happy adventures!