How to Manage Stress Tension

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/25/2007 | Health

Stress has always been a big part of our lives. It is becoming an all to common occurrence to hear someone complaining about how stressful his or her life has become in school, work or family. This situation happens no matter what race, nationality, education or whatever status obtained in life. The stress tension is there no matter where you go, and you cannot just disregard this truth.

The main thing to remember in whatever we choose to do is there are some inevitable factors that will cause pressure and anxiety in our lives. What we need to focus on are the ones that we can control. So after you learn the difference between the ones that you can control and the ones you have no control over you can focus your time, energy and money in the direction of the ones you can influence.

The list below will give you some advice on handling the everyday tension caused by stress.

1. Identify what it is that is making you anxious and uneasy. Make a list of all the things that cause you a stressful experience. Deal immediately with the ones that you can change, like getting to work earlier or changing the way you handle work projects. Then just forget about the ones that you cannot help, like traffic or parking spaces or the ones that are just part of life.

2. Calm down and get away for a few minutes. A few-minutes break will do you good. You can go to the bathroom wash your face and just start over with a new attitude. Go reward yourself with a vending snack or early lunch if your work permits it. Find some relaxing music on your PC to listen to while you work, anything that will give your mind a chance to relax will work.

3. It will be over before you know it. Do not fall into a trap of being the only one who is constantly reliving the event and causing yourself more stress then is needed. Know that it will pass and it will be over. Think of a good thing to do that will make you feel better about yourself.

4. Always look for the cause and triggers. Every time one happens, write it down and start to look for that common pattern. If most are work related, it might be time to find a new job or start your own business. If you have vacation or sick time coming remember to take it; nothing like a day or two off to clear the mind. Keep looking at the list and start to solve the ones you have control of.

In the end there are only two choices, make a change to help with the problem or accept it and move on with your life.