Change, Chance, and the "Eternal Something" - Part 2

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/26/2007 | Religion

Let's talk about CHANGE.

Since we know that SOMETHING exists today, this inherently means something ALWAYS had to exist. An impossibility to our minds, and yet, it's something that has to be true since we're here!

So what is it that has always existed, forever and ever and ever as far back as our minds can fathom - and still further than that? Something that simply "always and always was?"

Well, let's say this "eternal something" were some mere particles and gases as certain scientists might have us think. At some point, we know that CHANGE occurred, which led to our current universe and human existence. Yet, what was this change and how did it occur?

There are only so many types of change. There could be an increase or decrease, or a transformation of some sort. Thus, these particles and gases at some point would have had to start increasing, decreasing, or transforming. The problem is, such changes could not have occurred, without it being the WILL or purposed INTENTION of the eternal something. Meaning the eternal something has a will and intention! Let's look at how we know this...

If the change in particles or gases were from a gradual or sudden decrease, they would have eventually ceased to exist! Thus, they wouldn't be eternal. If the particles and gases were on an INCREASE that would clearly lead us back to a fixed beginning at some point. Again, not eternal! And we know that something cannot possibly come from absolutely nothing (another impossibility!).

And change in the form of a transformation of types of particles or types of gases (which isn't logical in the first place) would have had to be caused by an outside force or another something - but that in itself would be a change not possible since the eternal something has already existed by itself (whether it was one thing or many things) for all eternity!

So you see, CHANGE by "chance" is not possible. The eternal something had to have changed in and of it's own WILL. The eternal something literally had to DECIDE to cause change!

Invariably, whatever science or philosophy you apply in explaining our existence, you are eventually led to face the impossible. The ONLY explanation for the impossible becoming reality is God!

As the Bible says, "for with God, all things are possible".