Change, Chance, and the "Eternal Something" - Part 1

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/26/2007 | Religion

We know that something cannot come from nothing. Think about it. It's absolutely impossible. Beyond impossible! Imagine a sealed room with absolutely NOTHING in it. In 1 year, will something suddenly exist within the room? How about 1 thousand years? Or a trillion? No matter how long we wait, we can KNOW that nothing will suddenly appear within that sealed room.

Yet, despite the absolute impossibility of something coming from nothing, in a sense, it's happened! We know that SOMETHING exists today! This invariably leads us to a SECOND impossibility - something having ALWAYS existed... We can logically conclude that since we're here, something exists, and since something cannot come from nothing, something must have always existed!

Therefore, let us attempt to explain the impossible...

There are only two "reasonable" possibilities as to what has ALWAYS existed: Either an all-powerful being with supreme intelligence, or, NON-LIVING matter of some sort - we'll say that some "particles and gases" existed for our purposes here (though you can really take your pick)...

With the latter option, we know that a LIVING organism is not a possibility; since we know the environment to support that life/organism did not always exist (rather, life as we know it had a very finite beginning). We also logically know that whatever this "eternal something" was, it was independent, and did not depend on surroundings to survive and exist eternally.

If non-living particles and gases are THE eternal something, then science would have us believe that for absolutely no explainable reason at all, some INCREDIBLY DRASTIC change occurred somehow, at some point in the eternity of the past, and that this change led to our current universe and our human existence. In other words, these particles and gases that had supposedly existed without change for unfathomable eons, eventually "decided" to start making changes that led to our current universe occurring. (Keep in mind that NO other outside "force" or "something" could have caused this change to come about, since ONLY the particles and gases existed).

Further, we are led to believe that this suddenly occurring change caused the pre-existing particles and gases to rapidly MULTIPLY with no explainable reason (infinite cases of something from nothing!) and also CHANGE into entirely different kinds of non-living matter. (Once again, remember that there could NOT have been any outside force suddenly appearing on the scene to cause this to happen!)

Further still, we're led to believe that this NON-LIVING matter eventually somehow sprang to life - perhaps the biggest IMPOSSIBILITY yet!

So let's review. We now have matter (particles and gases) that...

1. Existed forever, there was no beginning, it always was. It was dependent on nothing but itself for existence. There was no reason for its existence, and absolutely no reason that change of any sort would suddenly occur at some point.

2. After unfathomable eons of existence, this non-living matter suddenly "decided" to start making DRASTIC changes (despite any causation or reason for the change to start occurring), and despite that there were NO OTHER forces acting but that which had already existed forever.

3. In the process, the existing non-living matter somehow "exploded," transforming and combining itself into OTHER TYPES of matter that did not exist previously, and MULTIPLYING into planets and stars and vast exquisite galaxies!

4. Ultimately, this non-living matter transformed mysteriously into LIFE! Not just any life, but a miraculous SYSTEM of organisms and ecosystems and planetary systems all working and depending on each other!

Stop and consider...

Babies can't be born without a mother. The earth can't survive without the sun. Trace this "cause and effect" all the way back to the beginning of creation!

Further, we have undeniable signs of intelligent design (except for perhaps those IN denial)... Imagine walking along, picking up a watch, and assuming it to have assembled and created itself by chance. Yet we have organisms and creations VASTLY, VASTLY more complex than that watch, which we're being told happened "naturally?"

Even a single human cell has THOUSANDS of "actions" and specific "events" occurring every second! Even the most simple and basic organism on the planet would take a THOUSAND pages of organized information to explain. You can put all the as-of-yet non-living elements required for life into a mix, or into a TRILLION mixes, give them the right climate and temperature and environment, and I assure you, life will NEVER spontaneously arise (just as it didn't spring to life spontaneously).

Adaptation is one thing. We've observed it, and in fact, it's Biblical! But evolution as an explanation for the origin of the universe and life on earth is truly the biggest lie of our time!

The only logical explanation for the origin of life, for our existence, is the initial explanation I offered above...

A supremely intelligent, all-powerful being...