We Both Know You Will Barbecue This Summer

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/27/2007 | Food & Drink

Summer is right around the corner. You may be getting ready to take a family vacation. All of us spend more time outside in the summer. There are picnics to attend, maybe an outdoor concert or a baseball game. Biking and hiking activities increase in the summer as well because the weather is just so nice outside.

Another thing that increases in the summer time is barbecuing. National statistics suggest that if you live in the United States you will probably barbecue at least one time. Over 90% of all Americans barbecue which is a very high number. Here's why we love to barbecue so much.

First of all the smell of food cooked on a grill is unlike any other. This smell gives barbecued food a different taste as well. Cooking in the oven or in a pan is not going to give you that great smell and taste that something cooked on the grill will.

Another great thing about barbecuing is how easy it is. It is easy to start a gas grill. If you are using briquettes you have to allow a little longer for them to heat up, but this is not hard to do.

Cooking on a grill is a matter of getting the heat the temperature you want. Then you lay the meat, or whatever you are cooking, on the rack and let her go. By flipping and not stabbing the food you retain the juices that gives the food even more flavor.

When you cook on a grill the food cooks evenly and quickly. Usually you only have to turn it one time and how long it takes is determined by such things as the size and type of food you are cooking.

Clean up is a breeze as well. You can turn the heat up and bake off any grease. Using a wire brush to scrape off any food stuck on the grill allows you to easily clean up in a few seconds.

Barbecues are great for family and friends and gets everyone together for some outside fun like volleyball, horseshoes, or croquet. It is easy for everyone to bring a salad or desert to share and room is never a problem when you do it on your patio or in your backyard.

We both know you will barbecue this summer and why not. A good time will be had by all and you will enjoy great food, friend, and have a lot of fun.