Buying: Think About Location

By Lee Cameron Published 05/29/2007 | Real Estate
There is one credo that has always held true in the world of real estate: location, location, location. The same home in different locations can have a selling value that is vastly different, in either direction. For example a home that is in a new development area, with quiet, yet convenient surroundings will easily sell for more than the exact same home in a run down area with a lot of traffic passing through it.

There are several considerations that you should be thinking about when you buy a home and location is one of the most important. Take an hour or so and drive around the area you are considering, making notes as you go. At the end of the drive, take a look at the list that you have created. What's on it? There should be divisions of things in terms of their proximity to the home. If there are things like police stations, fire halls and hospitals in the area; are they close enough to cause problems with the noise that these places are known for? Of course we all want these things to be close enough for a quick response time if necessary, but its nice to have them far enough away so that we aren't constantly being woken by sirens.

The next part of your list should be a detailed description of the services and amenities in close range of the home. This is things like sports facilities, shopping centers and other day to day needs of the average homeowner. One other thing that you should also make note of is school locations. If you are going to have, or do have a family then schools will be a huge part of the decision to move to a certain area. Will there be adequate education within close proximity of the home for all levels of need? An area with elementary and high schools is highly preferable as it will keep transporting kids to and from school to a minimum. The final consideration should be what kind of commute to work is there from the home? A short commute to your place of business is highly preferable, and it is great if there are no major points of traffic congestion between them. Be in the know about what is around your home before you choose to buy.

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