Bird Dogging Tell Her Friend Bye Bye

By Ovi Dogar Published 06/8/2007 | Dating
We have to recognize that many of us, men, would like to have a beautiful, sexy lady as a partner, the woman of our dreams. But, in the same time, it's not a secret for many of us that usually these beautiful women are not too available, most of them being into a relationship.

What happens if you fall in love with a beautiful girl that has already a boyfriend? Let's say that you have met a fantastic girl, you really like her, but she already has a relationship. What you should do? You have two choices: or you take action to get her, or you let her go. This depends on how much you care about her, if you are ready to make all is necessary to get her.

Even it is a frustrating situation, you shouldn't be discouraged. Even if she has already a boyfriend she may be pretty curious about you and wouldn't want the existence of a boyfriend to scare you away. She might be even considering dumping him in favor of you, if she considers you the best for her. So, you should start your plan to get her.

 First, you have to establish a method of constant contact, like getting into her group of friends, or maybe you know her already because is your neighbor; anyway, you have to try to become her friend. After you become friends, acquire a private method of contact like telephone number, email address. Also, you should take a look at her relationship. She may have a great relationship with him and love him very much, then your chances to get her are minimum, she may have problems in her relationship and want to end it anyway, or she may get rid already of her boyfriend, and this is the easiest situation to get her .If she sees you already as a friend, the next step for you is to make her sees you as a potential partner.

If you are friends for some time, when you are alone with her, you may start flirting with her. Also you have to have a lot of patience, until she sees your good points. You have to cover up your bad points, and show only good points, even if you don't really posses. So, do romantic stuff to make her think that's the kind of guy you are. Let her know that you are interested and wiling to give her everything she is lacking in her actual relationship.

As an advice for you, do not bring up the fact that she has a boyfriend when you are with her. Youd better wait until she begins to talk about him, in this way you can find out her actual level of interest in him. All you have to do is to keep up your flirting skills and work on how attractive you are to her. Remember that you purpose is to turn her interest away from him and to make her be interested in you more. So, intrigue her and make her curios, to make her start see in you all that is missing in dating with the other.

If she starts talking about him, you need to take a different approach, and go ahead and talk about him by asking a lot of questions. In this way you may find out what is missing her in that relationship and assure her that you can offer her all she doesn't get from the other. But never talk negatively about him; it is not in your advantage.
Your job is to get rid of her boyfriend and turn all her attention to you, but in a nice and positive way, without critics and lies.

So, after all, bird dogging is not such bad idea to get the woman you like, if you really love that girl. Bird dogging is definite as a situation when another guy steals a girl from her boyfriend; it is used as a nasty, unethical and immoral tactic. But we all know that there are no rules in love and war.

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