How can couple therapy help us?

By eHarmony Marriage Published 06/12/2007 | Marriage

Couple therapy is essentially another name for marriage therapy or marriage counseling.  Couple therapy, when you get down to it, is like psychotherapy for your marriage.  But whereas psychotherapy focuses on an individual, couple therapy focuses on your relationship, and the way two individuals interact with each other.  If you and your spouse are facing difficulties, or if you feel like your marriage could simply use a tune-up, then couple therapy might be for you.  Here are some basic benefits of couple therapy.

Benefits of Couple Therapy: Couple therapy benefit #1:  It opens communication

Couple therapy benefit #1 is that it gives you two the chance to improve on the ways you communicate with each other.  Everyone knows that dialog is important in a relationship, but most of us, from time to time, forget to prioritize healthy communication in our interactions.  Couple therapy can help you improve the respect and openness you each bring to your conversations and disagreements.

Couple therapy benefit #2:  It offers fresh perspectives

Couple therapy benefit #2 is that it helps you see issues and obstacles with "new eyes."  In couple therapy, an objective professional can listen to each of you, and then give feedback that neither of you may have considered before.   

Couple therapy benefit #3:  It helps you see new approaches to old problems

A third benefit to couple therapy is that the fresh perspectives you receive can present new ways to address issues that have bothered you for a long time.  Even the happiest married couples can get stuck in a rut and fail to see novel ways to deal with a challenge.  So couple therapy offers you the chance to look at that issue from a new perspective and then resolve it in ways you might not have seen without some outside help.

Couple therapy benefit #4:  It helps you prioritize the real issues

One final benefit of couple therapy is that it helps you prioritize what's really important in your relationship.  Rather than chasing red herrings that may seem important but aren't really crucial, couple therapy can help you focus on the central issues that are affecting the ways you two interact and get along.

Ultimately, couple therapy is about personal insight into each of you as individuals, and into the ways you relate to each other as a married couple.  If you're looking for ways to better understand yourselves and the challenges you face in your marriage, then couple therapy may be a good place to begin.

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