Curb Appeal: The Total Package

By Jim Hirschman Published 06/12/2007 | Real Estate
When it comes to selling a home one term that gets thrown around a lot is "curb appeal." As most people know, curb appeal refers to the general state of your home and how it looks at first glance. But it goes much deeper than that. Curb appeal is all about the first impression, and first impressions are important; especially in real estate. Buyers are fussy, finicky, and rightfully so. After all, when you spend over 100K, you want to know you are getting something good right? Of course. So you need to be able to prepare your home for viewing with the eccentricities of buyers in mind.

You are going to have to be able to divide up your time and give appropriate attention to both the home's interior and exterior. The interior is another article so we will concentrate on getting the outside in shape. Step one of this process is always getting down and dirty and cleaning the yard and property. This can be a pretty time consuming task so be sure to set yourself a good amount of time to take care of it. Much of the time the de-junking and cleaning of the property can take more time than expected as small things crop up as the work progresses. Make sure that the lawn and gardens are as attractive as possible. This is one thing that you will have to keep in tip-top shape during the sale process. In fact, once you are done with the cleaning and tidying of the yard it is imperative that you keep the yard in the condition that it is in.

With the yard clean you can now turn your attention to the home itself. If the home was built more than 20 years ago then a good idea may be to paint it. Painting can be expensive but the attractive look of a new paint job can far outweigh the up front costs. It's best to use a more neutral color on a home as using vibrant or unconventional colors can alienate prospective buyers. The essential idea here is to make your home as attractive as possible to as many buyers as possible while maintaining an elite appearance that is easy for an agent to market.

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