Why Stage Your Home?

By Lee Cameron Published 06/14/2007 | Real Estate
One of the big questions that any home seller will have to ask themselves is: "Why should I stage my home?" Simple. With all the competition in home markets around the country home staging has almost become necessary in selling a home. Whether you hire a professional stager or do it yourself staging is a great way to show off your home to buyers and other realtors and agents. Don't underestimate the power that home staging has, buyers and agents like to see a home that they can imagine themselves living in or selling quickly respectively. A home that is properly staged has a powerful presence on the market and homes like this sell quickly.

The basic principle of home staging is essentially showcasing the home in the best condition possible. Cleaning and organizing is the primary step in home staging. Getting rid of old junk and furniture that does noting but clutter up rooms and hallways is vitally important. buyers don't like to see rooms that are too crowded as it can easily detract from the visual impact of an area. Viewers should be able to move from room to room without obstruction or overt signs of the current owners clouding their ability to picture themselves in the home. De-personalizing is a big step in home staging. Have you ever taken a look at a show home or display suite at a new construction project? The show home is usually full of designer furniture and art but there isn't that personal feeling that is associated with home that have been lived in and that is what you are shooting for with home staging.

There should be ample room for viewers to take measurements, explore closets, and inspect every last detail of the home. Try to leave as little evidence of your habitation as possible. One thing that will be extremely important is keeping the home in this staged state. It will involve cleaning on a nightly basis so that the home is ready to go should a last-minute show crop up during the day. Always be ready for a show while your home is listed. Generally you will have some time to prepare for shows but every now and then there is that frantic buyer who wants to see the home right away and they could be the one who buys your home.

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