3 Parts Of Mind And How to Use Them For Best Results

By Charles Hopkins Published 06/14/2007 | Health

Mind is an incredible tool which can be used to achieve anything. However, no one is given a user's manual in birth, therefore, most people do not know how to use this wonderful tool correctly.

Think of an iceberg. You know, an iceberg is a huge mass of ice. Only %10 of it is above the surface of ocean. The remaining %90 is below the ocean. So there is the small part of the iceberg above the water level, big part of the iceberg is below the water level, and the is the vast ocean itself carrying the whole iceberg.

The conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg. It is where you consciously interact with our surroundings. It is what first processes the perceptions. It is the center of mind which actually analyses cause and effect relationships, is logical, which actually "thinks", processes abstract knowledge like mathematics, etc. It is also what is called "intellect".

The best use of the conscious mind is, analyzing your life, circumstances, make educated and conscious choices about what you want to achieve as and end result (your goals), how to behave during the journey (your values) etc.

However, the conscious mind is limited in capacity. It is known that, it can only process 5-9 pieces of information at a time. However, your environment and your own body are enormously complex. To be able to survive, you must be able to react to any serious threat or opportunity in a split second. This requires a different kind of mind.

Your subconscious mind handles such complex things. It is responsible for all the automated body functions, reflexes, habits, beliefs, and emotions. It is what makes your body get ready to fight or flee in a dangerous situation. It is also what makes you fall in love. Over %90 of all your actions are based on your habits, beliefs, and emotions, so it controls your lives to a large extent.

Since it responsible for automation, it also operates automatically. However, you can program our subconscious mind consciously, so that you can develop new habits, and new beliefs.

Subconscious does not have a reasoning and judgment capacity. It depends on conscious mind for that. It only responds to repetition, imagination and emotional intensity. That means, whatever you think repeatedly, and with emotional intensity, it will automate.

However, since it does not have any reasoning capacity, it does not understand negative commands. For example, if you are worried about money, say, you fear you won't be able to pay the rent this month, it takes the mental image of you not being able to pay the rent, and emotional intensity of the worry, and makes sure you take actions connected with not being able to pay the rent, automatically.

Therefore, it is important that, when you feel any negative feeling, become aware of the fact that you're focusing on something you don't want. As soon as you're aware of that, change your focus to what you want instead. For example, see yourself being able to pay for your needs easily, and then have money for some luxuries, and investments, and feeling thankful and proud of that.

You will soon discover two things: First, it is impossible to focus on what you want and feel negative. Second, because activated your subconscious mind in a positive way, it will work on millions of more thoughts, ideas and data, constantly, and even better than your conscious mind does.

Analyzing by conscious mind is good, but it has limits. You can never make %100 perfect plan that is totally guaranteed to work. You can never predict with total certainty what you will face with along the road as you go. It is good to have a basic plan, but be ready to set your intention to your subconscious mind, and solve the problems as you go along. If you can see one single step ahead only, that's good enough. Take that step, you'll see one more step ahead.

Trust your subconscious mind. It is much more capable to adapt and react to any changes on the instant they happen than your conscious mind.

You'll know when your subconscious mind gives you solutions to problems you could not consciously think about, by a perfect feeling of %100 YES! It will feel right, and it will totally make sense.

The third part of mind, which in the iceberg analogy, is represented the vast ocean itself, is the Universal Mind. While you are connected to the Universal Mind by your subconscious mind, it is not totally a part of "your mind". Rather, this is a mind connecting all the people and all the living things.

What you activate in your subconscious mind not only gathers all the information within you and supplies you with perfect ideas and solutions, it also signals the Universal Mind to attract people, events and things according to this image. This Universal mind activates all lucky coincidences, and not so lucky ones if you are focusing on what you don't want. If you ever thought about a long lost friend and he called, or if something you worried so much about happened, this is exactly why it happened. You attracted it.

So to attract more pleasant things in your life, focus on what you're thankful for, and what you want, and let your subconscious mind and the Universal Mind to work in favor of you.