Family Outing Ideas for Independence Day

By Charles Hopkins Published 06/14/2007 | Parenting

The Fourth of July is quickly rolling around and you will likely have the day off of work. How are you going to spend the day? Have you really thought about it? You no doubt want to do something with your family. Maybe you will have a picnic and see some fireworks after? No, that's what you do every year. This year you want to do something different, something that will create memories that you and your family will cherish for years to come. It's not every day that the family has a chance to be together.

Almost every community has an Independence Day celebration. Normally these celebrations consist of a parade, concessions, entertainment of some sort, and a fireworks display. While these can be great to attend, the action at such celebrations usually begins during the late evening. This gives you all day to plan an Independence Day blast like no other.

If you plan to attend your community's celebration, you can do something with your family during the day that will leave a lasting impression on them. There are hundreds of things that you could do, some of them closely interlinked with Independence Day and others just being of the family fun variety. Here are just a few ideas for you to contemplate:

Go see history - If you live near a historical monument or museum, Independence Day can be a great holiday to remind your children where we've been and how our country has become what it is today. This will give them a better appreciation for the celebrations that evening.

Get physical - Go hiking, swimming, or fishing. Get outside. Get physical. Maybe you can organize a family sporting event and invite extended family to participate. Have everyone bring a covered dish and have your very own fireworks display afterwards.

Scavenger hunt - Plan a scavenger hunt with a patriotic theme. This can be a lot of fun if you get creative with your hunting list. Include items that will be plentiful during an Independence Day celebration, but also include items that might be hard to find.

Mini-vacation - Take a mini-vacation to a patriotic spot that is some distance but not a great distance from your home. Do research, learn the history about the place and share it with your family.

Give back - Give back to the community by volunteering to take part in the Fourth of July celebrations or other local event. Maybe you can bake snacks for a fundraising booth or help organize talent for the celebrations. No matter what you do you will come away with a great feeling of contentment for having helped do something worthwhile.

Remember, the most treasured family traditions are those that are a little bit out of the ordinary. Strive to be unique and you will create memories and traditions that will be held sacred by your family and passed down throughout the next generations. Be creative. It's your Independence Day make it what you will.