Using Braided Rugs in Your Home

By Charles Hopkins Published 06/14/2007 | Home Improvement

Rugs are used in homes all over the world. They enhance the feel of a room when used as an accent to other decorations. They help protect wood floors and expensive carpet in high traffic areas around the home. And they can also be used to help keep the rooms warm as it insulates the floor. One of the more popular types of rug is the braided rug.

Braided rugs are typically created from cotton, wool or silk, although since any type of material can be braided there is no reason it cannot be made into a rug. A braided rug is exactly as the name implies; the material used to make the rug is braided together until the desired shape and size has been achieved. For many years, the braided rug was made by hand from braids that were sewn together. There are many artisans around the world, that still make braided rugs by hand, creating gorgeous pieces that are typically used to accent special places in the home.

Braided rugs have many advantages for use in the home. They can theoretically be fashioned from virtually any material that can be braided. From cotton, to wool, to fine silk, the material is varied yet the rug itself can be used for many purposes. Heavy duty braided rugs can be used in high traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Delicate braided rugs from exotic materials can be used as accent pieces or can be used as decorative wall hangings. The color combinations are as varied as the dye in the material and the size can be as large as your budget allows. Braided rug creation is very flexible.

One disadvantage of a braided rug is the maintenance involved with its upkeep. The braids of these types of rugs are sewn together, sometimes from delicate materials such as silk, which can easily fray and come apart during cleaning. Care has to be taken when the braided rug needs to be cleaned. Another disadvantage is that these types of rugs are not necessarily the warmest rug. Some are best used for accent rugs and not for use to help trap heat and keep rooms warm when the weather is cold.

Braided rugs can be found in department and specialty stores. They can be as cheap or expensive as you want to pay. It only depends on the quality of craftsmanship, the size and the material it is made from. An online search can also help you locate those who will create a braided rug by hand.